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Jan 22, 2009 07:43 AM

Park Kitchen: Pomegranates, squash, radicchio and pepita brittle salad. How do I recreate it?

I just had the "pomegranates, squash, radicchio and pepita brittle salad" at Park Kitchen (lunch menu) and it was stunningly,unforgettably good.

I am determined to recreate it in my kitchen. What inspired these flavors? Is it a riff on a traditional salad? Something the chef made up?

I've found recipes for pepita brittle, so that part shouldn't be too hard to make.

But, what type of squash was that?

And, how do you make that incredible goat cheese/squash "dressing"? Is it simply a matter of pureeing goat cheese and squash in a blender?

Gawd. So good.

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  1. If unsuccessful in recreating, you can always submit a request for the recipe via Bon Appetit magazine's R.S.V.P. section, where they obtain the recipe for you. It's one of my favorite sections of the magazine.