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Jan 22, 2009 07:40 AM

Cheap, fun eats on the Balt north side?

I have a daughter at Towson University, but I'm not well-versed with the restaurants in the area. She will be turning 20 in a couple weeks and I'd like to take her and a handful of college friends to something nicer than pizza and less than jacket & tie. Does anyone have any suggestions of good places anywhere around the north end of Baltimore/ 695 that would be fun for a group of mostly college kids?

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  1. There are LOTS of sushi places in Towson there are very popular with college students. I do like Sushi Hana, but there are so many to choose from- and a few new ones that have opened up, too.
    Crush is located in Belvedere Square, not far from Towson. A good menu selection (sandwiches and entrees) and friendly service. I've been there a few times and can definitely give it the 'thumbs up'
    Have fun and happy b-day to her!

    1. Fresh Fresh Seafood on York Road by the Towson Circle is quite good. The husband and wife team make really nice food though since it is just the two of them and everything is cooked to order, service can be a little prolonged.

      Burger Brothers on Allegheny Avenue does a really great grilled to order burger, fresh cut french fries and very tasty onion rings. Casual, counter service setting.

      San Sushi Too has an assortment of sushi, Japanese and Thai dishes. They offer large slices of fish on their nigiri sushi and the ambience is happy casual. Other sushi alternatives are Sushi Hana and Kyodai Rotating Sushi Bar. None are quite authentic or sophisticated and all are designed for the average American palate.

      There's a new Bolgiano's Bistro on Chesapeake that I haven't tried yet. Looks interesting though and next door to 7-11 and a head shop (must know places for the Towson student).

      Also on that same corner facing York Road is Cafe Spice, a good Indian restaurant. In fact, my British Indian friend said that it was quite authentic.

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        I think Burger Brothers on Allegheny Avenue is too casual and I think there is nothing special about the Rotating Sushi Bar (sushi-wise, I did not try anything from the kitchen).

        What about Bluestone (mostly seafood) in Timonium? I had a pretty good meal there, but it was 3+ years ago. It fits the geographic and dress-code criteria, but "fun" for twenty-somethings? Perhaps not, I admit. Suburban singles on dates or at the bar. It does have a "contemporary" decor IIRC.

        I'm sure someone (Onocoffee?) can comment further or correct me.

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          Bluestone is just fine, though IMHO it's expensive for what you get. But the atmosphere sounds consistent with what you're looking for. And there's plenty of parking...

      2. Linwoods on Reisterstown road in Pikesville is about a 10-15 min car ride from towson and is very good

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          I wouldn't classify Linwood's as "cheap"--in fact, it's quite high end $$$$-wise. FoiGras

        2. How about Glory Days Grill on Joppa Road? That's pretty casual in a TGIFridays kind of way (without actually going to TGIFridays).

          Bill Bateman's Bistro on TU campus might be another alternative. Casual, relaxed and not too far away. Ocean Pride on York Road in Lutherville. Pasta Blitz in Timonium and Strapazza on Allegheny Avenue are also alternatives.

          I'm hesitant to say it but there are also a plethora of national chain restaurants in the immediate Towson vicinity - though I would never recommend eating at any of those.

          1. What about going slightly into the city? Mt. Washington Village is in the northern part of Baltimore, and it has some cute places like Crepe du Jour and Desert Cafe. Desert Cafe is BYOB, but since this is a 20th birthday party, maybe that's not appropriate..?