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Jan 22, 2009 07:31 AM

Red Velvet Cake

Hey y'all - I've been curious about this one... We used to buy red velvet cakes (even just a slice) at Lawrence's in Lakeview - was & remains my favorite cake. I lived in TX & CO and they sell them but they are not the same (cake or frosting). Where do y'all think the best come from & is Lawrence's still open?

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  1. A quick search of the net brought this site:

    But I called the number and it has been disconnected.

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    1. re: roro1831

      RoRo, thanks for the search & the call - I was afraid of that...

    2. Not from the area ... but I did make one of Paula Deens recipe. It was awesome, just like I used to have. Not too hard but as little as I eat it ... it was fun to make it. Good luck in your search.

      1. I asked the same thing back in November- here's the post with responses..

        My mother makes the best and she uses the recipe from a early 1990's Southern Living cookbook. This is my favorite dessert, but I don't just eat any red velvet!!

        The new cupcake place that I have raved about on this board-Bee Sweet Cupcakes on Magazine makes a delicious red velvet cupcake- wonderful!!!!!! They are best eaten the day you buy them bc they are so moist!

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          Yes! The red velvet cupcakes at bee sweet are delicious.

          1. re: N.O.Food

            Thanks for the info mecmec - will have to try Bee Sweet next time I'm home - but maybe I'll have to try your Mom's Southern Living recipe in case I can't wait that long!