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Jan 22, 2009 07:26 AM

New in Wichita, KS?

I'm spending a few days home and wanted to see if there's anything worth checking out (that hasn't been open a million years ago). Anything along the lines of a Nuway that's pretty much a KS thing? Anything even vaguely interesting?

Thanks much!

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  1. Ty's Diner, Bomber Burger, Bionic Burger Hamburgers! Not sure how long you've been gone, but if you've never eaten at any of these places, give them a try.

    Also, I recommend Old Mill Tasty Shop, The Artichoke, and Cinnamon's Deli for sandwiches, and The Donut Whole if a funky craze for donuts comes over you. Hope this helps :)

    I'm just scratching the surface, so maybe some others can recommend their favorites.

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    1. re: antymaster

      Where is this mysterious Donut Whole place? I've heard bits and pieces about it, and it sounds like a good time.

      I grew up near Ty's Diner but have never been. What's a good time to go to avoid the massive crowd that always seems to occupy that place (that and Artichoke - I've never seen Artichoke not crowded)?

      I haven't been gone that long and am back in the area a few times a year, so I know most of the spots mentioned - actually, I recommend Old Mill a lot, but I honestly don't know that it's really great for anything except the nostalgia factor and the old school sodas, so am I missing something?

      Is there such a dearth of new spots? It seems there's always new Vietnamese restaurant every time I'm back in the area ...

      1. re: Ali

        Ty's pretty much has a line during any of the brief hours it is open, but the wait is usually under 15 minutes.

        The Old Mill Tasty Shop has a neat atmosphere, but I was unimpressesed with the food.

        1. re: Ali

          Donut Whole is on East Douglas. Big rooster on the roof. Too far east of Old Town to catch any walking traffic. I've not been there. General consensus is that I may have already eaten my share of donuts for a few years. Sounds pretty good. but if they were closer to the bars, they may have gotten more of the late night crowd.

          1. re: midlandappr

            I actually have been to the Donut Whole. I was visiting some time ago and tried a few of the odd versions of their donut. Some using childrens breakfast cerals as a theme, like Capt Crunch. I would avoid these at all cost. The plain and ordinary were much better, and the coffee I remember as being good.

            Defintely some funk to the place and I think open late nights.

            1. re: DallasDude

              Avoid the cereal doughnuts? Or all the crazy doughnuts as a whole? Because a "plain and ordinary" doughnut isn't good enough to get me to a doughnut shop but the bacon ... okay, I admit it: the entire appeal of the Donut Whole was that there was a bacon variant. I love bacon. I want it in everything.

              1. re: Ali

                Ha, I am sure the bacon is fine. I did not care for the wacky cereal versions they sold, and the day I was in town that is pretty much all they had. And some blueberry cake, which is what I prefer anyway.

                Is Lamars still in town? They had decent donuts. In Texas they serve up deep fried bacon, perhaps you might consider a move further south? I actually saw a deep fried brisket yesterday...


                1. re: DallasDude

                  Don't know if Lamars is still in town, but I did have a chance to try Donut Whole during my brief stint in town this last town. You were right about the plain doughnuts. They were the best of the bunch, and the glazes and flavourings were just gilding the lilly (and not in a good way). I like the maple bacon doughnut just fine, but I don't think I would've have missed the bacon - the doughnut itself was really good but the bacon was of subpar quality, an oddity unto itself.

                  All in all, though, had this place been open while I was at East, I would've loved it, such a little slice of the East Village in little Wichita! Good vibe, decent coffee, and some really good doughnut (best of the bunch were the blueberry, buttermilk, and otherwise plain ones - the bacon, rocky road, etc were okay but too much of too much). Fun.

                  And deep fried bacon, DallasDude, might be too much even for me. I like the crunchy kind of bacon, where almost all the fat is rendered off, so I can't imagine liking deep fried bacon when said bacon would not have rendered off any fat.