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Jan 22, 2009 07:21 AM

Lunch in design district--other than MG?

We are going to Micahel's Genuine for dinner tonight, and tomorrow are going to the Design district---where is a fun, special lunch spot?

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  1. Pacific Time is now open for lunch; Brosia is a beautiful space and the food can be good. Fratelli Lyon does lunch though I've had up-and-down experiences with the food.

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      Stopped by PT for lunch this week for the first time. The lunch menu contains several of the dinner apps and dishes, while also including a nice selection of salads and sandwiches.

      My mom went with the spice menu, and she chose the Crispy Shrimp app, a very nice grilled fish main (forgot what kind!), and a great vanilla creme brule. The texture was perfect.

      My brother ordered a Caesar and a Short Rib Sloppy Joe. The salad was served with whole romaine leaves, individually dressed with shaved parmesan on top. My bro complained about having to cut up his own lettuce but I happen to like that presentation (at least when dealing with romaine). The sloppy joe was great, with tons of pulled short rib meat, oozing w a homemade bbq sauce that tasted like a very delicious pan sauce, not too bbq-ey.

      I ordered the dates for the table, a gazpacho, and the chicken salad sandwich. The dates were very tasty, haven't had them here before. They were wrapped in smoked bacon with an almond inside, 4 pieces each served on a piece of endive with a bit of goat cheese and some other green, maybe arugula. My gazpacho never showed, and instead of the chicken salad sandwich i received a burger. Now this was partially my fault as I started ordering a burger and changed my mind mid-order. When the waiter was notified, he offered to switch it out but the burger looked pretty damn good so i opted to keep it. It was topped w/ a nice white cheddar and some crispy bacon, a thin slice of tomato, small piece of lettuce, and served on the same sesame roll as the sloppy joe. Some little gherkin pickles and some truffle scented fries came on the side. Really good burger and definitely worth a little showdown w/ MGFD to see who has the best burger on the block. I give MGFD a slight edge...

      In the end, the waiter comped the burger anyway which was a very nice gesture. Very nice lunch overall and pretty happy about a new addition to my lunch roster.