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Jan 22, 2009 07:20 AM

Posting a New Recipe only some of the ingredients show up

This is happened several times. I had all the ingredients listed, double checked but when I posted some were not there and some duplicated. On one occasion my first three ingredients were beef, onion and green pepper with 10 other ingredients. When I posted the recipe, it came up with beef, beef, beef and 5 other ingredients.

What is going on??

Almost every recipe I have to edit to get them right.

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  1. The recipe page is sometimes buggy.
    When I do a recipe now, I add three ingredients and three direction steps, save, then edit adding three to five ingredients or steps at a time until done. It's a pain, but when the page is buggy you have to the edit steps anyway.

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    1. Wow, I just tried that with a recipe of my own, and I see what you mean. I've submitted a bug to our Engineering team to take a look.

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        thx, It seems to work some times and not others. I had 10 ingredients, review it looked fine, posted and had 4. Edited and it is fine. Something is "Buggy."