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Big Green Egg in Toronto

I was just reading the post on where to get charcoal and that got me thinking about BBQ. I'm considering getting a BGE. I called Sobies (googs had posted a link on the other thread). The large, with a few extras + delivery comes to about $1800. Is there anywhere else that sells it for less?

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  1. Classic Fireplace and Gourmet Grills sells it in the GTA:

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      Onatario Gas has a large selection of eggs and accessories. I was lucky enough to get one for Christmas. It came from Barbeques Galore in Oakville. I do not know exactly what the price was but i think it was much less than $1800. As for the egg itself, there is a bit of a learning curve but once you get used to it, it is one amazing que. i doubt that my charcoal grill, gas grill and smoker will be getting much use from now on.

    2. Different sizes+features=different prices. Try Ontario Gas BBQs, too. Be warned that exchange decay has upped prices. They're not for everyone due to their size and weight.There are several threads on the main site--just do a search. IMHO, they're poor value relative to the humble Weber. But if you live on your deck year-round and BBQ everything, maybe it's a deal!

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        I'm starting to think the same thing. It would be nice, but nearly at nearly $2k, it's hard to justify. I'm looking towars the Weber Smokey Mountain. OGB has them for $379 ($479 for the larger one). However, looks like Costco carries the smaller one for $279.

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          I do not disagree with kagemusha's comments but if you want to cook "low and slow" year round the the egg is the better choice. i could say far more on the subject but these are my first posts and i do not want to be moved to another board first time out! I have have been a fan of this site for many months now and always look forward to reading that the Hounds' diverse opinions on all things food related.

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            Bear in mind that the WSM is a water smoker.

            I got my Egg (large) at Classic Fireplace (link above from TexSquared) for about $1500, I believe. And it will last a lifetime.

            Having used both, I'd pick the BGE without hesitation, but he WSM is still an excellent choice. It needs more attention, but that can be part of the fun.

            BTW, Classic will want to sell you BGE-branded charcoal. It's OK, but there are better (and cheaper) charcoals available at Ontario Gas Barbecues.

        2. If you decide to continue your search, this’ll keep you busy, GG:

          The warranty only counts if you buy from a licensed dealer.

          1. It's an expensive proposition. I don't think I'd take the plunge unless I was planning on doing a lot of cold weather cooking in it.

            Even at that, I'd probably build a building to put my offset barrel smoker in before I'd lay out that kinda dough.


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              I called a few places. Barbecues Galore, which LJS2 suggested, came in at about $1600 (with stand, cover, delivery). I knew these things were expensive, but dang! That's a lot of cabbage.
              I think I'll get the Weber Smokey Mountain. Costco has them for about $300, taxes in. OGB, BBQ Galore, Sobies, called those and they were all about $100 more.
              I've posted on CookWare if you have any input on that piece of equipment.

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                Dang indeed. Just to confuse the matter further I found another link for you. Preferably you'll find this helpful.

            2. Pretty sure Home Depot even used to sell this, I've seen it in the "Hot Deals" section from time-to-time on another forum

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                I don't think HD carried the Green Egg, but they can order in a WSM.

                If you're set on a ceramic cooker you could also look into Primo cookers. They're in the same ballpark as the BGE but just slightly cheaper I believe. I cooked some ribs on a Primo during a demo day out in Georgetown last spring and it did an excellent job.

                I'd still stick with my WSMs though.

                1. re: Dr Butcher

                  OK all, before you run out and buy the cheapo off-set smoker or wsm, think about why you are buying it (i'll get to price later)
                  1. load the BGE to the first ceramic bowl brim and scatter your flavoring wood through out
                  2. insert electric lighter for eight minutes and remove
                  3. close lid and open lower vent 5/8 -3/4"
                  4 open upper vent to align holes
                  5. place your meat on the grill (must have place setter with legs up) supporting metal grill
                  5. grill will climb to 205 after 30-40 minutes
                  6. Resit the urge to f*** with it or look at it - monitor the temp only

                  This is my aside here.
                  After doing this for many years i have changed my philospohy and now only employ the method above to start the smoking process. I used to use a charcoal chimney to start the fire but would end up fighting the heat and rapid spread of glowing coals through the load of lump all the way down to the 200 degree range. Hot, cold hot, cold, hot, cold etc. The method above is virtually fool proof I have started the fire more than 50 time this way and it never wavers. I can now start it at 2am in the morning and wake up to the same temperature.
                  The beauty of it is that the electric starter ignites only a few lumps of charcoal. With the smoking woods (maple mesquite, cherry etc) spread thru-out they slowly catch as the heat makes its way through the fire box giving u almost continuous smoke.
                  This method will give you a 10-13 hour burn with out adding charcoal. Be patient, if you use this method many people think the fire hasn't "taken" if its not above 180 and they will be inclined to open the vents to get more draw and get to temp quicker- only disaster will ensue. The climb from 100-200 is very beneficial , a lot of sweet smoke is being produced and absorbed into the meat and rub at this point.

                  Back to the off set: if you like adding charcoal every 15 minutes go with it. If you want to sip beer and wine with your friends while your food cooks, buy a GBE.

                  On to the cost: the Large BGE in the US is 800.00 at most ACE hardwares. You'll need the platesetter for sure at 35.00, everything else is worthwhile but not necessary in the short term. Avoid the nest and get out your saw and stainless steel screws to build a cedar table with castors this can be done easily for 250 bucks. If you don't want that and you can avoid moving the unit, buy 8 cement blocks and prop it up. Buy a cheap table to put becside it for cooking materials. email me for a plan to build this or I can have my wood shop build it for u.
                  If you in canada take a weekend trip and buy the egg. Take fake invoice with you (make it up on word) and say its less than 200 bucks the feds won't know any different and you won't pay the PST & GST just the local taxes

                  (former Londoner living in chicago and eating like a texan)

                  1. re: biggreenegghead

                    If you light a few coals in your chimney (say 10-12) and scatter them around your filled charcoal basket, you'll achieve the same results. Google Minion Method and you'll see the similarity to your method. I use it on my WSMs all the time, and can achieve 12-14 hour burns regularly.

                    Green Eggs are excellent multi-purpose cookers, but, I find their price makes them a little prohibitive for weekend cooks and beginners looking to enter the world of charcoal cooking.

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                      I'd rather not go down the path of making fake invoices. A BGE in Canada, at Ontario Gas BBQ, will cost $1500 or so for the large. that's including taxes, etc. If you get a few of the add-ons, it doesn't take much to get to $2000.

                      I'm very happy with my WSM. Temp control is great, and it cost me a whole lot less. Couldn't be happier.

              2. Sobies has great knowledge and service. Your Napolean Gas and Fireplace dealer sells the egg as well.

                I have had my XL Egg for 3 years, and I have to say it is the best appliance my wife and I own. The design is ingenious. Nothing else compares. I owned a Weber Kettle and it is a fine piece of equipment, but no where near as versatile as the Egg. I swear by the Egg. Indestructible. Great in the winter as well.

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                  The are great units, but indestructible no. I know three people who have had their BGE shatter from the shortest of falls. It's ceramic - they break.

                  With that being said - I want one still even knowing that.

                2. I just bought the BGE and absolutely love it. The best smoker/grill I have ever had period. If you look around you can get the large egg and next for around $1200 Tax incl. Look for a place in west Mississauga on Burnhamthorpe Rd. These guys will deal.

                  1. I did see these on sale at the Home Hardware near Eglinton and Bayview.

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                      The Home Hardware on Roncesvalles has one in the window. Not sure what size it is, but it's $1,099.

                      1. re: Marumari

                        I doubt it would be the large for that price. I paid about $1400 for a large egg with nest, side shelves & a bag of BGE charcoal in Rockwood, at Wellington Fireplace & Leisure.

                        Love it!

                        1. re: Tatai

                          The lovely Marlise Ponzo wrote us a piece about the BGE a few weeks back...


                      2. re: madhatt

                        I just called and they have the large egg, wheel base, (nest) BGE charcoal, gripper, ash tool, fire starter cubes. All for $1099

                        1. re: foodyDudey

                          curious who did you just call for 1099 which company, store?

                      3. CGeorge- what is the name of the store?

                        FoodyDoody- where did call with a price that good?

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                          The Home Hardware on Bayview near Eglinton, as mentioned by madhatt. I suppose any HH will have the same price. They said that price is good "all summer" when I asked when the sale ends.

                          A few days ago I was at OGB on Langstaff road and the prices appeared to be higher. I just happened to be there with a colleague who had purchased something, so I was not looking at the prices in detail, just scanning everything in the store. I remember there were various BGE's starting at around $900 and ranging to around $1800. I think you can only compare prices if you check what accessories are included as some stores include the side shelves. The HH sale does not.

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                            Home hardware is a collective of franchise stores so not every store will have the same assortment because the store manager or owner will pick what goes in. The Bayview and Eg store is in an upscale neighbourhood so they will have a different assortment than the Queen Street store or a suburban store.

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                                I thought so but didn't want to say that here as in some other thread, I think someone said that the after sales support is good at OGB. But I'm sure that huge showroom is expensive to operate. I didn't see much action or sales going on when I was there. My friend from work lives right near the Old Mill so I have no idea why he went all the way there for a BBQ.

                                Old Mill
                                21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, ON M8X 1G5, CA

                          2. A discussion about cooking the Big Green Egg has been split to the Home Cooking board:


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                              Thanks FoodyDudey! I had looked at OBG and they are much higher in price. Dicksons is as well I have been told.

                              That's not a bad price, even without the shelves.

                              1. re: donelikedinner

                                You are welcome. I saw that the BGE website has a dealer locator, here it is: http://www.biggreenegg.ca/find-a-deal...