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Jan 22, 2009 06:57 AM

Driving through the Keys

We are flying into Fort Lauderdale and driving to Key West. We are thinking of stopping along the way for a beach side picnic.
Can anyone suggest a place between Key Largo & Islamorada that would provide a romantic spot to stop and enjoy the atmosphere and our picnic lunch.
Thank you!!!!

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  1. I'm sorry to say but there aren't really beaches in the Keys....Some resorts have fabricated beaches and for the most they're's not like you're driving along...see a beach...and you pull over and chow down.....There are some interesting restaurants along the way....Fish House in Key Largo....In Islamorada there's Ziggy's...Bentley's....The LoreLei.....and some other places of note.....Perhaps some locals will chime in with some ideas for you......


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      Maybe its not needed, but I just want to validate LargeLife's point about beaches in the Keys, because many people don't realize how geographically different the Keys are from the rest of Florida. Most people assume all of Florida has beautiful beaches and are shocked when they get to the Keys. The Keys are incredibly beautiful, but think of the ground as dirt and grass on top of lava rocks from your gas grill. And when you walk to the water's edge, its just lava rocks...

      Instead plan to pull over at a great bar or food place you find mentioned here, order up some exotic sounding food and beverages and enjoy the view from their deck/dock/porch, and let the "manana" spirit of the Tropics melt into your bones...

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        That's exactly what i had in mind. I'm planning a trip to the keys and was browsing at the different resorts, i noticed most of them have a sunning deck or something like that and some sort of sandbox! i was a little disappointed because i wanted a beach like SO. Beach but realized the keys offer fun, sunsets, relaxation and laid back atmosphere, not beaches and sand and the like. We would still go... i think it would be a romantic place for me and my boyfriend. :)

    2. We're doing the same drive, and picked The Green Turtle Inn in Islamorada based solely on their menu. We just wanted a place to stop for a quick lunch - romantic wasn't a factor..We're saving that for KW!

      1. Please stop for lunch at Island Grill(Snake Creek Bridge - Islamorada ). It is by far the most delicious lunch restaurant with great food, great atmosphere(on the water- nestled in the Mangroves) you'll find anywhere along the drive - until you reach Key West. Try the fish tacos, tuna nachos.

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          Island Grill rocks and so does Snapper's. Great ambience and food. Sunday jazz brunch at Snapper's is fantastic. They have live jazz played from a barge in the water!

          1. Island Grill is great, try the tuna nachos... As for Snappers, It is the atmosphere that makes it. Stop in at Robbies at MM 77 on your right for cheap entertainment and feed the tarpon.