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Jan 22, 2009 06:52 AM

Gargoyle's new menu?

Did anyone go to the unveiling of the new menu?

OR if it is online anywhere?

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  1. Did the switch officially happen yet? I was there on Jan. 17th for dinner and the waitress mentioned that 'next week' was when they were changing the menu...the 'Best Of" Gargoyles. But rest assured, the Duck Fat Fries and Duck Confit stay in place.

    BTW, their website has been 'under construction' for ages. Time to fix that as people use that more than most restaurants realize to recommend to friends, etc.

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      I didn't know they were changing things. Do you have any more details? I was thinking of going there tonight actually (to try and get over the weather!). Will there be a big surprise for us?

    2. The new menu is hanging in the window. The bar menu no longer has the duck fat fries or the rosemary shortrib fries, which I liked even better. I didn't look too closely at the dining room menu as I was being hit in the face with sleet. I love Gargoyles in bad weather, though- the bar is so cozy and to sit in and watch the bad weather.

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        Me too! But we didn't make it. Tried a little, then gave up! So many huge puddles!!

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          Are they still offering the $33 Sunday price fixe menu?

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            Had dinner at Gargoyle's tonight. They were not offering the $33 menu (though I didn't ask for it either). Had an awesome tomato soup. really satisfying with 3 small grill cheese on rye (my preferred bread especially with grilled cheese). also had the lobster taco - ok, not wow. rob roy cocktail - spot on.

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              Can someone clarify exactly what kinds of changes they are making? I am thinking about going this weekend and would love some more info!

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                The menu seems to stress small plates. They offer a bistro menu now. Other than that, I'm not sure what changes there are.

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                  thanks so much! i'm going to check it out this weekend. will keep you all posted!

      2. With JP and 2 others, we had a fantastic dinner at Gargoyles last night. Wow. To answer the OP's question, the new menus are finally up on their website. To be honest, while the revised dinner (and new bisto - read less adventurous and slightly less expensive) looked less interesting than the last iteration, the food was both interesting and awesome.

        Drinks: figitini was terrible (medicinal and too alcoholic), asian pear "martini" was great if you like those sorts of drinks, vesper and rob roy were well made, if not up to ES, Craigie, Drink standards.

        Appetizers: lobster tacos, scallops, and a special "buffalo shrimp". All were excellent. Of the three, the scallops were probably the best, with a heavenly and hefty slice of slab bacon in the middle. The tacos were good, strangely not as flavorful as expected, and the shrimp, which were tempura fried and then lightly covered in seemingly house-made buffalo seasoning, were not particularly crispy but the seasoning was delicious (vinegary/spicy).

        Entrees: grilled salmon over celeriac puree and calamri butter - this was off the bistro menu, and while not as creative as the other entrees, one of the best salmon entrees I've seen in a while. black truffle arancini over cauliflower puree - perfectly fried arancini that were rich, tempered by slightly pickled veggies and a yummy puree. Rainbow trout picatta with overlooked veggies - this was simply awesome, with some crazy veggies (sunchokes, squash, and crosnes, pronounced crone(s) and a great sauce/broth. And 1/2 chicken over preserved lemon polenta with a wealth of mushrooms, which was also fabulous. These were substantial portions, with nary an off-note. Probably the best table of entrees I've had in the Boston area in a while (allowing for a superstar entree here and there), and for an average of $20 per entree, an amazing value.

        Desserts: butterscotch fondant with black truffle ice cream - wow. The waitress warned us we had to like both butterscotch and savory desserts, which was a fair warning. But a simply awesome dessert. Also, the Italian3 - meyer limoncello, a gelato/sorbet/ice cream, and what appeared to be beignets - this was good, not stunning. Finally, Finally, a cheese plate that was simply enormous - 2 cheeses, a pile of poached, jammy figs, a large portion of candied nuts (cashews, almonds, hazelnuts), a larger portion of grapes, and a very yummy dish of truffled honey. This plate alone would have fed our entire table.

        Service was slow but we were enjoying our food enough that it wasn't particularly noticable, and the server was very familiar with the menu, which was helpful. The place was pretty packed while we were there (730-1030), so understandable.

        All in all, one of the best meals I've had in Boston in a while.

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          Thanks for the review. I too thought the lobster tacos were just ok. I hope he works that out because one of my favorites has always been his tacos. I thought my Rob Roy was up to ESK standards which is what I was looking for, but there was no one there on Super Bowl Sunday, so I had a lot more attention paid to my drink.

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              What makes you think Jason Santos has moved on? Hadn't heard that.

              He's still listed on Boston Chefs as the chef. (And just look at those pictures!)