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best mussels in philly

who serves the best and most fresh mussels in philly?

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      1. I actually loved the mussels at Devil's Den...although the rest of their food is so-so. Good beer selection too.

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          Thai Mussell's at the Grey Lodge Pub are to die for.

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            Agree about the Grey Logde, they are my absolute favorite!

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              I just had the Thai mussels at the Grey Lodge last night, and they were even better than I remembered. The sauce and the mussels themselves are both fantastic.

          2. mussels posillipo at La Stanza at 20th and Oregon

            1. Not at Zot.

              I've enjoyed Standard Tap's Mussels w/ Sausage for years. Nice spice kick too.

              1. I have always like the mussels at Monks Cafe, I have to admit I have not tried them anywhere else...I'm going there tomorrow so I hope they are still as good as I remember!

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                  Mussels at Monks did not disappoint. I had the "Provence" version and would recommend. The mussels can be ordered in two sizes, the small is plenty to eat (about 2 dozen) and is a bargain at $10, it comes with a small dish of fries and some spicy mayo dipping sauce that was just yummy. The fries were a little short and not that crispy, but were great dipped in the sauce.. A roll is also served alongside, perfect for dipping in the mussel broth. Wash it down with a glass of Chimay or other Belgian beer! Service was friendly and prompt, though the place was packed.

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                      near the corner of 16th and Spruce

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                          I like the mussels at Monks also, The HUGE beer menu doesn't hurt, either.

                2. i wouldn't say that they are the best in philly, but i just had some good sweet thai mussels at kite and key. very very yummy.

                  1. I haven't been in a while, but the Bomb Bomb Grille in S Phila used to have great mussels in red sauce

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                      the Bomb Bomb makes great mussels. As well as great ribs too!

                    2. got to try Monks, been to Eulogy though and loved them.

                      1. Standard Tap has some pretty amazing mussels, and I'm not one of those people who recommends ST for everything!

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                        1. Having lived in philly quite a few years and being a huge fan of the beer/mussels combo this is something I've perennially pondered.
                          I've had repeated excellent mullusc munching at Monks and Nodding Head (moroccan spiced yum) as well as some surprisingly good ones at Good Dog and Black Sheep.

                          Having had a recent hankering, I went to zot for the first time recently after hear lots of good things and was somewhat disappointed. While my broth of hoegarden and citrus had a wonderfully succulent aroma and flavor, the mussels themselves were quizzically less so. They were all rather abnormally small, and their beloved moist-texture hit or miss.
                          I may or may not return, as the other dishes my boyfriend & I ordered were mostly very on point (including a raise the lowly potage potato soup)& the drinks excellent but service was also quite lackluster - but since we're focusing on mussels here, I'll leave it at that.

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                            Nice review and thanks. Just bought a two pound bag of mussels at Wegmans and going to make my own! Ha!

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                              I second Nodding Head - had the Monk's version (hmm...) there yesterday for lunch and they were incredible as always AND huge...9.95 for a half pound which comes with fries and bread. They throw leeks, black olives, garlic, tomatoes, and an incredible amount of beer (the type I believe changes depending on what they are brewing...I have never been able to place it)
                              If you can get there in the next week, be sure to get a pint of the Doc! Or two.

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                                sold! Going there this weekend. Nice!

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                                  re: Nodding Head. I too had the Monk's mussels last Friday for lunch with coworkers. It's $9.95 for a pound (not half pound) plus fries/frites and a crusty roll. They also do a large version for $19.95 (I'm assuming for 2 people to split). The mussels I had were large, plump and very tasty. I even thought maybe they were trying to use them up because it seemed as though I received more at Nodding Head than at Monk's :) I really liked this version, but I have to admit, I found the black olives a little incongruent in the overall mix. The frites/fries were served with the same dipping sauce (bourbon mayo?) as Monk's, but are much longer (yeah!) than the "bits" Monk's serves.

                                  I was also pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Nodding Head's 60 Shilling beer. It's described as a Scottish-style ale and won silver at the GABF 2003.

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                                    Dude! I'm all over this! I'll be there this Saturday around 2:00 PM. Look for a guy wearing an iggles t with a waffle thermal undershirt. Peace out!

                              2. Monk's, by far!!!! And I love the pommes frites, too!

                                1. Another vote for Monk's--we're not from Philly and discovered it through CH. We were just there this past Friday and were swept away by some of the freshest and fattest mussels we've had anywhere.

                                  1. I had the mussels at Tap tonight. It was a religious experience. Sausage, diced tomato, garlic, lemon, jalapeno . . .

                                    1. I used to live in Philly and now live in south Florida but like to check in on the PA boards to see what's going on. I also agree with Monk's, love the place -especially the beer selection, and always get the mussels. Anyway the point of this post is that my husband and I were at a Carrabbas down here (we were really hungry and it was the only thing open) and I was shocked at how good their mussels were. They were huge and in this great broth that I could've eaten all night with a loaf of bread. We went back a few weeks later because I was craving the mussels and they were still good (just in case I liked them because I was so hungry). I don't know if they are only on the menu here in Florida but worth checking out if you are at Carrabbas.

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                                        is that that chain restaurant place? I hope not. They fail on so many levels.

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                                          unfortunately, yes the chain restaurant. The independant restaurants down here have limited hours so when desperate the chains have to do. I love Monks and Eulogy and there is a place down here that we found when looking for a Floridian version of Monks, etc. called Le Bon that I just sadly heard closed down. It was a "Belgian" restaurant and had a great beer selection and mussel pots. So when I saw the mussels on the carrabbas menu I ordered them. Compared to any mussel that I've had anywhere the carrabbas were very large and the broth really good. This is the description from their website "Fresh Canadian Cove mussels from Prince Edward Island steamed in white wine, basil, lemon butter and Pernod". I would never otherwise have recommended carrabbas but I was really shocked at how good the mussels were.

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                                            Your mention of Le Bon leads me to believe you live in or near Miami Beach. Never made it to Le Bon, sadly, but passed it many a time and wished I had. Anyway, heading down there in a couple of weeks. Here's our dinner lineup:
                                            Friday: Michael's Genuine
                                            Saturday: Joey's Italian
                                            Sunday: Sardinia
                                            Monday: open for now
                                            Tuesday, wife's birthday, Red
                                            Wednesday: getaway day, but we need a place for dinner, not too expensive.
                                            Do you have any faves for good, low or midpriced meals Monday and Wednesday? Won't have a car those days, staying at the Loews.
                                            Can't believe you can get anything good at Carrabas, btw. Up here they all suck.

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                                              We're about 45 -1 hr north of Miami Beach depending on traffic so we don't go there that often- when we did it was usually to go to Le Bon. We had a pretty good experience at Bin #18- I think its at 18th and Biscayne Blvd- near the Adrienne Arscht Center. They have a nice cheese and cured meat menu in addition to the regular menu. It was packed one of the nights we were there and it took awhile to get my husband's order- raviolis- but he said it was worth it. He's from an Italian family and is fairly picky about food in general.

                                      2. A month or two back I had a mussels special at Pub & Kitchen- cooked in a ginger beer base. They were spectacular. P&K isn't a "mussels place", but I'd definitely order them again.

                                        1. Victory Brew Pub in xfinitylive has the best mussels in the city. Mussels white is to die for.

                                          1. Old old thread but my favorite are at Royal Tavern. Very spicy, delicious sauce.

                                            1. The Sweet Thai Chili Mussels at Kite and Key on Callowhill are to die for. They have a few other versions (white wine, fra diablo, one or two others), and they are all ridiculously good.


                                              1. Plus (how ever many) on Monk's. Could not say they are the best as I have not had others mentioned here. However they very good in a Belgium style with good service and a great selection of beers.

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                                                  Completely agree Bacchus. We may quibble about the fries as Monk's but the mussels are top notch. For me still though the Grey Lodge Pub's green curry mussels are sublime... and always can be paired with a good beer and at a fair price.

                                                2. Yeh yeh l know ancient thread, but last night had the red spicy mussels at Monsu. They were enormous, cooked perfectly, and the sauce was stellar.
                                                  Thought l would post it.
                                                  They also serve a non-tomato sauce version, but did not have them.