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Chicken and Waffles?

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I have gotten a new waffle iron for Xmas and am now so happy - I can actually make decent waffles - after years of crappy waflle makers - I have one of the "flip" kinds and have been on a waffle making binge !

Now - CHICKEN and Waffles...

I had heard about them - never had them

Have been searching CH and other places for what would be the best waffle to make and how to prepare the chicken?

ALOT of variation out there - -
so any input on best place to start would be appreciated !!!!

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  1. I've never made them at home, but everytime I've had them, it's been plain old batter waffles (as opposed to yeast or Belgian) and standard fried chicken, drizzled with imitation maple syrup. I'm not sure there's much more to it! Once, the chicken had a spicy kick to it, and that was particularly delicious with the sweetness of the syrup. If I was doing it at home, I'd just make my favorite plain waffle batter (I use the NYTimes basic waffle recipe, which I can't find a link to...sorry) and my favorite fried chicken, and use REAL maple syrup.

    1. When we got our waffle maker, I went wild making strange waffles too. Chicken was the best and I just used Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix with some leftover roasted chicken chopped up in the batter. I served it with apple sauce.
      Hummm,how about ham waffles with cranberry sauce??

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        Chicken in cornbread waffles sounds delish. I was on a Jiffy corn pancakes kick over the past couple of weeks. I will definitely give that a shot. You probably already know you can add cheese to the batter...and I'm thinking some sort of pepper (ancho or chipotle) sprinkled in would be yummy, too. I'm gonna pass on ham waffles for right now, but you may be onto something! I would be more likely to crumble in some bacon to the chicken/cornbread ones. Thanks for the ideas!

        Have you ever tried subbing a waffle for a biscuit a la biscuits 'n gravy? I'll bet sausage gravy would be really yummy on a cornbread waffle.

        Few, like you, I'm from CT and have never had "real" chicken and waffles, but wondered what that was all about. Guess we'll both find out soon! It'll be yet another good weekend for cookin' up comfort food and staying outta the cold!

      2. I think chicken & waffles refers to serving fried chicken & waffles together...not putting chicken in the waffles; at least that's the common meaning of C&W. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_...

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          That's right: it's waffles with a piece of fried chicken on top. The maple syrup substitutes for gravy/honey, and ties the two together. It's a tradition that runs far and wide, from Harlem to the South to L.A. Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, Mich., offers it, too.

        2. www.roscoeschickenandwaffles.com

          This may be what you have heard about. Lines out the door every weekend. Apparently very traditional in Harlem. A tradition in Southern California now.

          You can see traditional sides served with on the website.

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            I think the "lines out the door" depends on the location. I've waited a while at the Hollywood location, but never at the one in LA (on Pico). The atmosphere at the former is better than the latter (which probably accounts for the lines)....

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              Where I live in Pasadena is just up the street and around the corner from a Roscoe's location. Though it's far from being my favorite fried chicken, we can never resist taking visiting friends there. The combination of waffles and chicken does not charm me as much as it would have fifty years ago, but it does have its appeal, and I'm glad I tried it once. Now I just get the greens and their dreamy mac'n'cheese on the side and let Mrs. O have all the waffles she wants.

          2. just a regular waffle, some butter and maple syrup on the side, and also next to the waffle a big breast of regular fried chicken!

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              Breast of fried chicken?! Heathen! All right thinking people know we're talking legs and thighs here.

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                I was thinking dark meat too....

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                  its so famous here in cali. i just don't understand it. but i hear its really....really good!

            2. seems to be a technique for a restaurateur to make approx $40+ off of one fried chicken. . . throw a waffle and fake maple down w some $5 sides. . . a better hustle than kfc for sure.

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              1. re: soupkitten

                How on earth do you go from offering a waffle in place of a buttermilk biscuit to imagining a scam? Roscoe's is the most expensive place I know doing this combination, and its prices were hardly outrageous the last time I was there. HCW in Oakland is a perfectly nice place for American breakfast or dinner. How many places are there up and down the Coast serving around-the-clock breakfast foods along side soul food? It's not a scam and there's nothing really to "get".

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                  Maybe in the midwest where I believe soupkitten is from they charge $40+.... At Roscoe's we once paid $40+ for b'fast...but that was for 3 adults; a far cry from a scam. To me, a scam is going to an upscale steakhouse and paying upwards of $75/person for steak you can make @ home for $10.

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                    i was going off the roscoe's menu posted above. 1/4 chicken, with 2 waffles, is listed as $10.20. 4 times $10 is $40.

                    i said a hustle, which is very different than a scam. scamming is the same as cheating: offering one item but delivering an inferior product. a good hustle is offering an in-demand item to any public that will pay a high price for it. if a customer is eager to pay for an item, the seller isn't cheating them out of anything, whether you're talking about a $5 cotton candy on the pier or a limited edition mercedes. if the seller has little competition, so much the better.

                    the same customer who might say "i simply won't pay ten bucks for one drummy, one thigh and a biscuit," might jump all over the idea of the same meal of $10 "chicken and waffles" because of a perception of authenticity, or the food's local cache.

                    *i* would not say i would never go to this place and pay $10 to experience truly great chicken & waffles. i think it's a reasonable price if the chicken is organic, the sides are authentic and handmade, and the maple syrup is real. if the restaurant offers more shtick ambiance than food quality, however, i probably would be more interested in making the meal at home. didn't mean to start a flame war, especially if roscoe's puts out a great plate of food.

                    1. re: soupkitten

                      When I said "scam" I was using tmso's words; not yours, which is why I replied to his post.

                      However, your "$40+ off of one fried chicken" didn't initially indicate whether it was feeding one or four. Now that you've clarified "4 times $10 is $40" that doesn't seem outrageous for b'fast...at least to me.

                      1. re: soupkitten

                        Pann's, just a few miles from LAX, offers much better chicken (IMO) and perhaps less wonderful waffles at around the same price - $10.49 for four wings and an order of waffles, though those wings are huge! I've had much smaller drumsticks at KFC. Here's the link to the appropriate menu page:


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                    Well, I am not a pro like soupkitten, so maybe there are tricks to making it more efficiently. But I am happy to pay what they ask for good fried chicken, it is a lot of work! It takes a lot of time to fry it well, plus there is the prep time. I don't see that adding the waffle and the maple syrup is much cheaper than adding a side of mashed or fried potato and some coleslaw, say. Based on amounts I have ben charged for fried chicken with the usual sides, I'd say that the restauranteurs are making just as much money on regular fried chicken dinner. I don't see chicken and waffles as being a hustle.

                    I fantasize about having chicken and waffles, and have done so since the moment I heard about the combination. I am waiting to get to a place where they do it right, I'm talking soul food right. Yes, I could make it at home, and probably pretty well. But I want a place that has character to try my first bite...

                  3. And thank you to the OP for adding another idea to my to-make list! My old waffle iron has been de-retired lately.

                    Mmm, waffles.

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                      Chicken & Waffles all over the place........I have not ever had much luck with making fried chicken

                      so maybe I will buy some KFC and make the waffles and see how it goes !!!

                      1. re: few

                        Well, I'm not one for deep fat frying but I'm a whiz at sauteeing, so it may actually be waffles and cutlets.

                    2. The DLoA conjecture: The quality of C&W is inversely, and invariantly, proportional to the height of the nearest chain-link fence.

                      1. Maybe we've led a sheltered life, but I had never heard of or seen this combination until we visited Hash House a Go Go in Las Vegas last year. Saw it on the menu, had to try it, boy they were awesome! Huge stack of waffles, two huge pieces of fried chicken on top, spiked with a lovely branch of rosemary and drizzled with a maple syrup reduction. Thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Couldn't finish it of course, but took the rest back to the hotel with us and ate it the next day in the car out at Red Rock, and it was still awesome! So now that ya'll have my mouth watering, I just might make some for Super Bowl this Sunday! Here's a pic of their waffles and chicken..

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                          I should add their description, I don't think I did them justice; "Sage Fried Chicken with a hardwood smoked bacon waffle tower, hot maple caramel and fried leeks". See what I mean? Un-frekin'believable!

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                            Mmmm....talking about variations, a chef named Matthew Gladstone used to cook at a music club called the Mint here in Los Angeles. He used to make pumpkin waffles with buttermilk crusted fried chicken and rosemary infused maple syrup. The dish also included spiced greens. I was in mourning when he left to pursue his career elsewhere (I think he does catering now).

                            1. re: Feed_me

                              matthew gladstone former chef/owner of the Mint in LA, does a version of his old chicken and waffles at his new restaurnat cafe rodeo located in the Luxe hotel on rodeo odrive
                              a chicken and waffle and arugula sandwich! YUM

                        2. Thelma's Chicken and Waffles in Roanoke VA, forty bucks for 5 people, fried chicken, golden brown waffles, a side of fried green tomatoes and potato salad, no rosemary, sage butter, etc. Just good ol' heart clogging fried goodness...Yum

                          1. Chicken & Waffles mean different things in s different parts of the country. Most places, it refers to a waffle & fried chicken. In PA Dutch country, it's shredded cooked chicken in a chicken gravy poured over a waffle. In Phoenix AZ, LoLo's Chicken & Waffles is the place for good soul food style C&W! www.loloschickenand waffles.com

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                              I don't recall what they charged at the Hash House, but I don't believe it was exhorbitant. For what one got, I felt it was quite worth it. They also had this, though, if not up for the waffles; "O'Hare of the dog 24 oz Budweiser & side of bacon." The beer came in a brown paper bag, pretty funny! That was only like $6.

                              1. re: moma1bud

                                If God had wanted men to eat waffles he would have given us lips like snowshoes.

                            2. Anyone know any place that serves Chicken and Waffles near the Austin, TX area?

                              1. re: the former chef/owner of the mint in los angeles.

                                matthew gladstone is now executive chef at the luxe hotel cafe rodeo on rodeo drive.
                                and an appetizer is a chicken and waffle sandwich with herbed syrup and sauteed arugula

                                freakin YUM