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Jan 22, 2009 05:29 AM

Chicken and Waffles?

I have gotten a new waffle iron for Xmas and am now so happy - I can actually make decent waffles - after years of crappy waflle makers - I have one of the "flip" kinds and have been on a waffle making binge !

Now - CHICKEN and Waffles...

I had heard about them - never had them

Have been searching CH and other places for what would be the best waffle to make and how to prepare the chicken?

ALOT of variation out there - -
so any input on best place to start would be appreciated !!!!

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  1. I've never made them at home, but everytime I've had them, it's been plain old batter waffles (as opposed to yeast or Belgian) and standard fried chicken, drizzled with imitation maple syrup. I'm not sure there's much more to it! Once, the chicken had a spicy kick to it, and that was particularly delicious with the sweetness of the syrup. If I was doing it at home, I'd just make my favorite plain waffle batter (I use the NYTimes basic waffle recipe, which I can't find a link to...sorry) and my favorite fried chicken, and use REAL maple syrup.

    1. When we got our waffle maker, I went wild making strange waffles too. Chicken was the best and I just used Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix with some leftover roasted chicken chopped up in the batter. I served it with apple sauce.
      Hummm,how about ham waffles with cranberry sauce??

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        Chicken in cornbread waffles sounds delish. I was on a Jiffy corn pancakes kick over the past couple of weeks. I will definitely give that a shot. You probably already know you can add cheese to the batter...and I'm thinking some sort of pepper (ancho or chipotle) sprinkled in would be yummy, too. I'm gonna pass on ham waffles for right now, but you may be onto something! I would be more likely to crumble in some bacon to the chicken/cornbread ones. Thanks for the ideas!

        Have you ever tried subbing a waffle for a biscuit a la biscuits 'n gravy? I'll bet sausage gravy would be really yummy on a cornbread waffle.

        Few, like you, I'm from CT and have never had "real" chicken and waffles, but wondered what that was all about. Guess we'll both find out soon! It'll be yet another good weekend for cookin' up comfort food and staying outta the cold!

      2. I think chicken & waffles refers to serving fried chicken & waffles together...not putting chicken in the waffles; at least that's the common meaning of C&W. See here:

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          That's right: it's waffles with a piece of fried chicken on top. The maple syrup substitutes for gravy/honey, and ties the two together. It's a tradition that runs far and wide, from Harlem to the South to L.A. Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, Mich., offers it, too.


          This may be what you have heard about. Lines out the door every weekend. Apparently very traditional in Harlem. A tradition in Southern California now.

          You can see traditional sides served with on the website.

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          1. re: Cathy

            I think the "lines out the door" depends on the location. I've waited a while at the Hollywood location, but never at the one in LA (on Pico). The atmosphere at the former is better than the latter (which probably accounts for the lines)....

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              Where I live in Pasadena is just up the street and around the corner from a Roscoe's location. Though it's far from being my favorite fried chicken, we can never resist taking visiting friends there. The combination of waffles and chicken does not charm me as much as it would have fifty years ago, but it does have its appeal, and I'm glad I tried it once. Now I just get the greens and their dreamy mac'n'cheese on the side and let Mrs. O have all the waffles she wants.

          2. just a regular waffle, some butter and maple syrup on the side, and also next to the waffle a big breast of regular fried chicken!

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              Breast of fried chicken?! Heathen! All right thinking people know we're talking legs and thighs here.

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                I was thinking dark meat too....

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                  its so famous here in cali. i just don't understand it. but i hear its really....really good!