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Jan 22, 2009 03:52 AM

Las Vegas: LOS question and Vietnamese rec's

I'm going to convention at the LVCC and staying at the Marriott across the street. Want to go to LOS. Read previous posts that it is not safe to walk at night. Wondering where the best place to get a cab would be from those places and about what the cab fare would be.

Also, looking for rec's for Vietnamese food.


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  1. Depending on the size of the convention, usually there are a lot of taxi's to be found right in the area. You are about 1.5 miles from LOS, so it is a cheap fare, and a little better than walking - the neighborhood may be a little safer than it looks, but it is not a pleasant stroll. You can also have the servers at LOS order a taxi for you when you are near the end of your meal.

    Las Vegas has had a lot of Vietnamese restaurants open over the past decade, and despite diligently searching for which one is best it is difficult to narrow the list down. Sometimes it is just a matter of personal taste. There is only one place near where you will be on the east side, Thanh Huong (1131 East Tropicana), but Spring Mountain has many options. Pho Kim Long (4023 Spring Mountain) has the most extensive menu, and personal favorites among the others are Pho Hung (5288 Spring Mountain) and Pho Saigon 8 (5650 Spring Mountain).

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      thanh hong is my fav for banh mi, dakao is a close 2nd. i feel hue thai is overrated ( though they make a decent hot pot ) and nhu lan has dropped a few notches. for pho - pho saigon 8 is my fav and pho so 1 is ok.

    2. If for some reason you have a hard time finding a cab at the LVCC, you can always walk to the Las Vegas Hilton and catch a cab there. I've walked from the Hilton to Lotus many times, but as QAW indicates, it's not exactly the most scenic route.

      1. QAW and Dave Feldman, thanks so much for your responses. I look forward to visiting LOS (by taking a taxi). I'll check out those Vietnamese places, too. Thanks again.