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Jan 22, 2009 03:08 AM

Meeting in DAL (Love Field Airport)

I'll be spending a few days in Dal around Love field. I want to know where I can get a good steak dinner. I'll be using a taxi. So not to far away from the airport.


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  1. Love Field is not located in an immediate hot bed of restaurants - at least not of the steak variety. Depending on your exact location, within 5 - 10 miles there are several, but for plan to open your wallet.

    For "fine" dining, there is Nick and Sam's, Old Warsaw (French cuisine w/a fine steak selection), both on Maple Ave and Al Biernat's on Oak Lawn. A bit less pretentious, but in the same price range is the Silver Fox - Oak Lawn which is a local chain steakhouse; also Bob's Steak and Chop House - Lemmon Ave (also evolving into a small chain) with the infamous big carrot, but it's VERY noisy. If you enjoy wine with your meal, I've been told Bob's is excessively pricy.

    Considerably less expensive is Dunstun's Steak House on Harry Hines. It's been around since a loooong time ago and pretty much screams laid back Texas steakhouse.

    Any of these can be googled for add'l info or go to the Dallas Morning News Guide Section at and key in the name of the restaurant. Once selected, the restaurant's particulars and web link will be available in the right inset.

    Hope you find something to suit you.

    1. Hi BPASWA, Bob's on Lemmon, Al Biernat's on Oak Lawn, and NIck & Sam's are all less than a 10 minute cab ride from Love. Wine list at Bob's is no more expensive than the others and I've never found it noisier than Al's or N&S. Any of those 3 and you'll leave happy.

      Unless you are at least 75 and are looking for extremely average and overpriced food, definitely pass on Old Warsaw.