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Jan 22, 2009 01:16 AM

Winterlicious prices

Can anyone confirm if prices will be going up for Winterlicious in a couple of weeks? Why would the city do that in the middle of a recession? Does anyone work at a Winterlicious restaurant and know how they feel?

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  1. Yes they have...I believe it is now $25 ,$35 nd $45 categories for dinner. The restaurants are able to choose which catergory they are going to be in. I assume places like Canoe will be in the $45 category. Food cost and labour costs have risen even though we are in a recession and I assume these restaurants need to cover their costs

    1. Indeed there are some $45 options now. I was surprised at the increase too; kind of defeats the whole purpose. I usually only order a starter and entree when I go out to dinner, which at some of these places charging the higher price wouldn't hit that mark. Mehh!

      1. but the costs of the products and service hasn't gone down, in most cases have actually increased. 3 courses for $45 is still (in most cases) a pretty good deal imho. the process the city goes through is basically to take your regular menu prices for the 3 options and then deduct $10, so that really is the savings that you get-just so you get an idea of the inside workings of the program

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          The problem with Winterlicious is the same as with any 'prix fixe' menu. You compromise on the apps and/or dessert, ordering things you might not otherwise want, just for the deal. Unless all three courses are items you would order on their own, don't bother. You won't pay much more to have the food you really want, from the regular menu.

          If you want a single item from the prix fixe that isn't on the regular menu, most good restauranteurs will oblige. Yes, it drives us (the kitchen people) crazy, but you, the customers are always right.

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            Some restaurants have upped their prices to $45 as well as cut back on what they are offering compared to previous years.

          2. Yesterday on CBC Metro Morning, Mark McEwan said his staff have dubbed it "wintervicious".

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              He had also said that YEARS ago on The Heat (Food Network)..

              I cannot understand why McEwan and Canoe continue to offer menus in the Summer and Winter programs...They don't need the business -- unless they are all laughing at us. As far as Canoe goes, for a few bucks more you can go and have their regular lunch any time of the year. And the other Oliver-Bonacini places are just as good, but easier to obtain a reservation (Biffs, Jump, Auberge)

            2. There's definitely some restaurants in the higher price category that have gotten more creative with their menus... offering an artisanal cheese plate for dessert, or including fois gras or organic meats. Apparently the restauranteurs requested the higher price point so they could flex their creative muscle a bit without taking the hit financially. I think if it translates, it could be very good for the program. And there's 20 more restaurants in the program over last year, and many still in the 25/35 category, so there's still lots to choose from.