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Jan 21, 2009 08:50 PM

LAPD again enforcing "taco truck law"?

Today I was driving past the Beto's taco truck parked on Jefferson between La Brea and La Cienega and stopped to get a burrito. While I was waiting for my order an LAPD car stopped in the street and put on one flashing light. Since I'd never seen the police do anything when I was there I took my burrito and ate it on the spot. As I walked back to my parked car the police car then put on his full assortment of lights. The policeman exited his car and walked towards the taco truck as I drove off. The thing was I was still hungry after this good-sized burrito and started driving about and spotted a new (at least to me) truck called Tacos La China on Adams near Hauser. It was manned by two young gals and a young guy. I ordered 3 tacos and again the same police car I saw earlier pulls up doing the same thing as before. I went up to the window and told one of the gals about the earlier occurrence. "Where was this?" she asked. I told her the location sort of (stupidly, I guess) assuming all these operators kind of know their local competitors. "He's going to give us a ticket" she said. I got my order and began eating. The gal talked to the policeman and came back with a ticket in hand. She was on her cellphone and at one point the cop says, "I'll drive you." "Fine," she says and gets in the car and they drive off.
The fellow in the La China truck comes back with their pickup to tow away the food preparing trailer. I talked to him and he told me his girlfriend got mad and told the policeman, "These other trucks better get a ticket too if I get one." Arrgh! The guy told me this cop has been on the beat for 30 years and knows the location of every truck in his area. After I finished talking and eating I drove by the Beto's truck location and I saw (probably) the same police car and the Beto's truck dark and I assume ready to leave. Does anyone know if that old taco truck law about moving every half hour is back being enforced. I checked the site and don't see any recent postings about the police re-enforcing the law.

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  1. is the part of town you were in LA city proper? if so it can't be the old law that everyone was protesting against, because that law only affected unincorporated parts of LA county (such as East LA, Lennox, etc) and not LA proper. it sounds like that area would be either LA proper or culver city, which would also not fall under the law. maybe something else was being enforced, like they hadn't paid for the parking meter or maybe they were parked there longer than the parking sign said was allowable?

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      Yeah, it wouldn't be LAPD enforcing the County law, since it's out of their jurisdiction. It would be the Sheriff's Dept..

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          Then it follows logically that it wasn't the infamous County taco truck law being enforced, which doesn't apply within the LA City limits. We don't know what the ticket was about, just that there was one. Feed Me says first that La China was a "truck" and later a pickup came by to pull away a "trailer". The facts in the case are incomplete and unclear.

    2. I had never heard that they weren't enforcing the L.A. city law -- my understanding was that the tickets were a fairly low amount and so they paid them as the cost of doing business.

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        as said above by aktist and myself, there was never an "LA city law". there was a law that was passed by the county that only applied to unincorporated parts of LA county (east LA, Lennox, Vernon, etc) but that law never in any way had anything to do with the city of LA and basically did not exist within the city limits.

        my completely uneducated guess is that local restauranteurs have been feeling the pinch b/c of the economy and ended up pressuring LA city council to have cops be more pro-active about enforcing parking meters with regard to the trucks.

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          That's no so -- there is definitely an L.A. city law defining how long you can park somewhere, which was sporadically enforced with a low fine. It's just that the proposed L.A. county one had far greater penalties and they threatened to enforce it more aggressively.

          1. re: Chowpatty

            Sorry if I wasn't clear last night. It was kind of late and I was alarmed my local trucks were in jeopardy. I had forgotten the law I mentioned was concerned about was a county law. The trucks in question were definitely within L.A. city (zip 90016). All I know is one of the truck's owners said to me they were getting ticketed (and they were). Their partner said the police had told them to move before. They have an alternative location. Both were parked along the curb where there were no meters and to my knowledge no time prohibitions. I did go to one of the trucks tonight and asked them about last night and got a very vague answer when i asked what the policeman wanted last night. Something like, "uhhh....just something." They were closing up as I got there and it was not more than an hour after they usually set up. Earlier I was driving up in that stretch of Inglewood Avenue between Lennox and Inglewood and the usual taco trucks were doing business "as usual." I was wondering if anybody else had seen or heard anything similar to what I saw last night.

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              The reference in the original post was to the Taco Truck Law, not an LA City parking ordinance. The only law on how long you can park in one place I'm familiar with limits you to 72 hours, and is enforced by the parking cops, and then only after they mark the car and monitor it for that period.

              Taco truck dude isn't forthcoming about the nature of the ticket, so we'll never know what it was actually for. Can't see why he'd be reticent about a parking violation.

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                Is it possible they don't have business licenses or permits?