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Jan 21, 2009 08:46 PM

Best Ethiopian Food in LA ?

Looking for a good place for Ethiopian food in LA to take my friend who will be experiencing it for the first time. The only Ethiopian restaurant I have been to is Nyala. I enjoyed the food but I felt that the portions were quite small and we ended up spending almost 100 per couple with drinks. I' m look for good quality, decent portions, and a place that won't dry up my wallet.

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    1. if you can do this as a weekday lunch meal, AND if you are open to eating ethiopian vegan food, then get the lunch special at rahel. the special is a combination plate of several of their dishes, and when you finish the plate, if you are still hungry, they will serve you more food for no addtional money.

      the lunch special is about $8/pp as i recall. fantastic deal.

      irrc, rahel only has a beer and wine license.

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        I will actually be going for Lunch Sunday. I wonder if they have specials for the weekend?

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          the prices at rahel are low even at their 'regular' prices.

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        1. Rahel is the way to go! I am a card carrying carnivore and dairy lover and this vegan meal is one of the best Ethiopian food I've had in years. the 2 person dinner special is $30 and has WAY to much food for two, and lets you sample most about everything they make.

          1. I've always done well with Meals by Genet. When my brother and I go, we usually split the veg plate, a salad and the lamb, and it's all delicious. (Seriously, at night, sometimes I dream about the salad...). All in, I don't think we're usually much over $50 with plenty to take home.

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              meals by genet is not open for lunch, the op is going for lunch