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Jan 21, 2009 08:25 PM

looking for a really good danish

i've been searching and searching for a really excellent danish. more specifically a fruit and cheese danish. if you have a particularly good danish in mind that is just fruit or just cheese, i still would like to hear about it. (does this post belong in "what's my craving?")


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  1. I buy good Danishes at the Green Market from Bread Alone. Raspberry, pecan, or cheese, but no combination of the above. They are substantial - not light - but better than any I had in Denmark (where they're called "wienerbrot")

    1. Thanks for posting this, jessica. I've been thinking about this a lot myself lately. I usually wind up getting a cheese danish from Au Bon Pain, but there's got to be a better choice from some mom & pop operation somewhere in this city! I hate the danishes that are available in most of the diners.

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        I love the ones at Greenberg's Bakeries. They are quite expensive compared to the other places that have been suggested, but they are made with butter and as rich as can be!

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          How expensive, and where is the place?

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            There's a William Greenberg on Madison in the low 80s. May be one on the UWS too.

      2. so i picked up a cherry danish from william greenberg today and it was pretty good. the cherry filling was a little too red and "fake" to make it a truly spectacular danish, but the dough was very nice and rich and pretty flaky. their cheese danish is apparently VERY good, but didn't get to try it today.

        i wanted to go to bread alone from the greenmarket by my place yesterday, but they didn't show up so i went home empty handed.

        i have recently become addicted to patisserie claude's pain aux raisins. it is delicious brioche dough (i'm pretty sure it's brioche dough) with lots of plump, juicy raisins studded throughout along with a delicious custard. i know it's not a danish, but it sure hits the spot. i have had one almost every day this week.... one of them wasn't so good, but the others were heavenly. make sure you get them fresh and make sure they're soft.

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          I love a cherry danish. The ones at Au Pain are pretty good. The ones at William Greenberg are good, too, but the filling isn't as satisfying as the "sour cherry" flavor of the Au Pain ones. I desperately miss the cherry danishes from the London chain Patisserie Valerie.

          Most of all I miss the Entenmann's cherry filled buns. I even wrrote them begging them to bring 'em back but was, of course, met with stony silence.