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Jan 21, 2009 07:34 PM

Paulette Macarons (Hayes Valley), SF - anyone try it yet?

This new store Paulette Macarons in Hayes Valley recently open. They are flown in from Beverly Hills, CA. A Yelpers said there's 12 flavors, $1.60 ea, $19/doz. Any reports?

437 Hayes St, san francisco, ca

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  1. OMG, you just made my day! I love Paulette's when I lived in LA. It's one of my favorites. I loved their Caramel and Praline flavors. I guess they are now seasonal flavors according to the website. I was not a fan of their fruit flavors since the filling was too jelly-like for me. I like my macaron filling to be more creamy, like ganache. I'm going to have to head over and try the Hayes Valley store and try it out.

    1. Right now they're serving an Obamacaron (violet cassis, I think) and one with chestnut. The latter was devoured within 1/2 block of leaving the shop and is wonderful. Looks like the recession hasn't hit Hayes Valley--3 purveyors of French-style macarons (Paulette, Boulange and Miette) within 2 blocks.

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        437 Hayes St, san francisco, ca

        1. I will have to trek out there to try this. I've just come back from Paris from a Macaron binge (Pierre Herme & Laduree are heavenly) and hopefully Paulette's and Miette will keep me fueled.

          BTW, I was under the impression that Boulange's macarons were from Miette? Someone please clarify.

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            Boulange was making macarons long before Miette was selling baked goods in a farmers market parking lot.

            The owner of Boulange recently bought a part of Miette and they will be sharing baking facilities. Don't know how that will impact either business.

            1. re: rworange

              Thank you very much for that info. No wonder I was unable to find the Rum Raisin Macarons at Miette.

            2. re: timpoblete

              Does anyone make the large (normal cookie-sized) macarons you find at Laduree? Seems like all you can find here are the tiny bite-size ones.

              Are macarons the only item sold by Paulette? That must make for an interesting-looking shop.

              1. re: Agent 510

                I don't know how they compare to Laduree, but Bouchon Bakery in Yountville makes large ones about the size of moon pies ($3). I'm no expert on macarons, but I liked the pistacho I bought on Sunday, good flavor with a nice creamy center and not as bright green as most but still pretty.

                1. re: rworange

                  How does Bouchon Bakery's macarons compare to Paulettes and others (Miette, Boulange)? I skipped over them the least time I was there, but I wonder if they're worth trying.

                  1. re: timpoblete

                    Haven't tried Miette or Paulette's but I thought they compared favorably to Boulange and other macarons I've tried at Cafe St Honere and Sweet Adeline. Way better than Masse's.

                    This report from last year was by someone who hated the Bouchon macaron

                    I remember it because I never heard of the 'foot' before in terms of a macaron. I didn't have the same experience and there was actually a distinctive foot. Also, they weren't cold, the outside was crispy and there was a nice type of macaron chewiness. There a report where someone put the Bouchon macaron in their yearly top 10 list. So, YMMV

                    Another post from 2004 giving the macaron no love

                    Given the positive and negative reports over the years, I'd guess Bouchon is inconsistant. I went prime time on a Sunday afternoon when the line was snaking out the door and items were being replenished from the kitchin quickly. The staff is quite young though and I'm guessing that Bouchon is a way for people out of school to get some experience and a nice thing to add to their resume. Could be wrong, but it seemed that way.

                    Haven't tried Thorough Bread and Pastry, El Dorado Kitchen, Mee Mee, Emporio Rulli,

                    A few previous macaron threads

                    1. re: rworange

                      I did not like the Miette macaron. Flavor was find, but it didn't have the right texture - that is what makes the macaron. I seem to recall it was soft, without the outer shell and very sweet (which of course macarons are).

                      Bouchon - I really liked the pistachio I think, but disliked the other two. I reported on it, but will have to dig up my report to remember the detials - it is buried in a report of Napa. They also didn't have the perfect balance of texture and flavor, but much much better than Miette. I would definitely call it inconsistent, with the potential to be very good.

                      Excited to try Paulettes, but may have to wait a bit...

                      1. re: jsaimd

                        I agree with what you say about Miette and Bouchon. Bouchons in particular can be somewhat dense and underbaked tasting.

                        I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the Paulette one (at least I like the ones at the Beverly Hills shop, not sure how they fare after transit). They are the best I've had in the States so far.

                        1. re: choctastic

                          Yes that is exactly how I would describe Bouchon - underbaked - thank you!

                          I bet the transit will be fine. I had some Opera macarons at Andronicos and they weren't bad after transit. Not minblowing, and very small, and I have a feeling close to the expiration date because they had me pay for one and gave me several, but decent.

            3. OK, a friend and I picked up a bunch of flavors and I can share what I thought.

              Vanilla - a little overly sweet and a tad artificial, but I liked it. Though I'm biased towards anything vanilla.

              Sweet Wedding Almond - I like how they have this as a flavor - the other places don't. It was even more sweet than vanilla, but it was a hit. My only gripe: did they really need to dye it pink?

              Pistachio - This was the only one where we agreed: "I could get the same from any other place in town".

              Chestnut - I liked this one. Nice flavor, nutty and sweet in a more subtle and non-artificial way, a good alternative to pistachio.

              Caramel Pecan - different from your typical macaron, since the filling is actually pure caramel as opposed to the creamy filling usually found in the middle of these things. Even if you're a purist, give it a chance. The caramel has an interesting bitter flavor....these folks splurge for the good stuff. Yeah, I even licked the wrapper afterward.

              "Caribbean" Chocolate - also different, because it had a much softer outer shell than the others (which may throw some folks off) so it's kind of like a brownie bite, but with a really good, bitter, dark chocolate flavor.

              I'm still wondering if the above splurge was worth $9.60, especially since most people are paying that much because of the pretty boxes and colors and trendiness rather than the product itself...but I remember posting on this board back in 2004 asking if macarons reminiscent of those I had recently eaten in Paris could be had here, and it's cool to have finally found the answer 5 years later.