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Jan 21, 2009 07:33 PM

Brazillian ingredients

I have a brazillian roommate and he wants to make us some traditional food, but we don't know were to get some of the ingredients. we need manioc flour, cabbage leaves, brazillian sausages, etc.. If there is a brazillian store or markets that would be very helpful. thank you

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  1. Cabbage leaves?Perhaps he wants greens for couve?
    Where you live would be useful.Mas intao...

    Brazusa Market at Taste of Brazil in El Sereno
    4838 Huntington Dr. South

    Carniceria Argentina on Victory west of Lankershim has Brazilian chouricos and linguicas, also the manioc flour, among other items.

    El Camaguey Market in Culver City(Little Brazil)
    10925 Venice Bl.

    The market in the Brazilian Mall in Culver City across from Cafe Brazil