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Jan 21, 2009 07:18 PM

Sakura in Scarsdale to become a Tengda

Another pan-asian place!??!?!

I live on Garth Rd so today was the first time they put up a banner that said "Tengda coming soon". And I believe it's the same Tengda in Katonah and Greenwich because it had that weird font.

Im happy because Tengda is way better than Sakura, but seriously ANOTHER PAN ASIAN PLACE?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

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  1. ive eaten there on the last two weekends, new management is there new chefs etc, food is better than sakura

    1. That is great news. I ate at Tengda in Darien a couple of weeks ago and it was really quite good. They have these tuna "tacos" that are made in fried won ton wrapper (I think) with fresh raw tuna, avocado and some kind of delicious sauce.
      Sakura was my first restaurant job ever in HS and I got used and abused there, so I am also happy to hear that they are gone :)

      1. I heard from a secret source (haha jk) that they still have like the same waiters and stuff so they are slowly transitioning to full-on "tengda".

        Is the menu the same as the one in Greenwich. Cuz I thought that one was OK, but never went back because I found hair in my sushi. I know that kinda stuff happens but hair in food is one of my biggest barf-triggers.

        I didn't see any information on the Tengda website about opening in Scarsdale.

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          They now have a "coming soon" section that lists Scarsdale... I wonder just how slowly this transition is going to happen, because there's nothing extraordinary coming out of there just yet!

          About the menus- I'm pretty sure every "Tengda" has a different menu, aside from the usual staples (sushi, pad thai... etc.).

        2. Yes, it is now owned by Tengda Asian Bistro from CT, it will become a Tengda this summer... this info is 100% accurate as I just talked to the owner Jason Chen.