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Jan 21, 2009 07:14 PM

help with fine-tuning weekend plans?

I'll be visiting from Boston this weekend and while I was able to find piles and piles of places to eat at by searching the board, I do have a few questions.

Most of the places I'm hoping to hit seem like they're definitely casual, but I wasn't sure about Yakitori Totto. Would jeans be okay there?

Also I'd like to get a drink or two somewhere with great bartending, but that is casual and relaxed in atmosphere. It is easy to find classic cocktails in Boston, so I guess I would prefer somewhere with more innovative stuff like I've had on the west coast. I've read some threads on cocktails, but nothing's really jumping out as the right place for me. The menu at Death & Co. looks pretty good, but I wasn't sure what the atmosphere would be like. Any suggestions?

Thanks very much for any assistance!

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  1. Death & Co. is definitely innovative, and I think it's probably exactly what you're looking for in terms of cocktails. I didn't see much of the place, as we were seated close to the front, but it struck me as a bit like a speakeasy. I'm sure someone else can chime in with a better description.