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Jan 21, 2009 07:04 PM

Looking for an Indian super market

I live near a nice pakistani supermarket , but I dont seem to be able to find an Indian super market. I am doing a lot of recepies from "660 curries" by Raghavan Iyer and want to go as authantic as possible . Thanks for your help !

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  1. The whole strip on Jean-Talon between l'Acadie & Parc has a large number of Indian markets. There's also some Indian groceries near Plamondon metro at Victoria & Van Horne. There's another "Little India" out in Pierrefonds, but unless you have a car or already live in the West Island it's not very convenient.

    1. Marche Victoria Orientale has a particularly impressive selection of Asian vegetables and fruit, and can be an excellent source for authentic ingredients. It is on Victoria, but also has a store out in the West Island.