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Jan 21, 2009 06:54 PM

Where can you buy uncooked e-fu noodles in Toronto?

Where can you buy uncooked e-fu noodles in Toronto? The thin type. I can't seem to find it in any Chinese supermarket.

Pls see pic below:

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  1. I bought some a couple of months ago in Chinatown at the grocery store on the west side, down the stairs. I'm surprised they aren't easily found in Chinese supermarkets. It was a fairly large bag for $1.99. Cheaper than pasta costs these days

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    1. re: flibbertygibbet

      i've seen them at every chinese grocery store i've been to

      however often they're not in the noodle section - no idea why...i often see them ABOVE the display case which holds the fresh noodles/tofu, etc.

      and everytime i see them they're in a ... non pasta shape container which is why you can't find them lately

      the package is always circular and about the size and dimensions of those blue danish butter cookies?

    2. People often can not find the uncooked version of e-fu noodles because they look a lot different then youi think they would. If you print out the pic that ssainani linked or even the wiki page and take it to the store I am sure they can help you.

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        Thank you all for your replies, especially "ssainani" for the pic!

        "Sweetie" is right. I saw the version "ssainani" provided. But it looked much thicker, hard and very easily breakable, so I didn't think that was it!

        Thank you all again!