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Jan 21, 2009 06:22 PM

Hayashi rice

ok so i just watched a j-drama called ryusei no kizuna and a big part of the drama was hayashi rice.............
i really wanna try this, does anyone know somewhere in toronto where they serve hayashi rice?

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  1. I doubt that you'd find it anywhere here. Hayashi rice is one of those Western classified dishes that's served almost exclusively in restaurants in Japan. It's rare to find it outside of Japan. If you're lucky, you might find a Hayashi rice sauce mix in an Asian supermarket.

    1. I've seen it as lunch specials at Takesushi for sure and maybe at Ematei. Call and see if they have it planned in the future. I prefer curry rice myself because I couldn/t tell what it was suppose to taste like. Never had Hayashi rice until I had it at Takesushi.

      1. I've had it before at Ematei, but it wasn't that great (they were probably using roux bricks). You can get the roux bricks yourself if you check out places like Sanko, T&T, and some Korean supermarkets. If they have them, it's right beside the curry mix. I've seen them at T&T once or twice, but they only have them randomly.

        It's pretty much curry rice, but instead of curry, it's a beefy "demiglace" sauce. Kind of like a beef stew.

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          if it's a demiglace sauce could you make this rice using your own demi? And for those who are too lazy I've seen demi at williams and sonoma before

          I haven't looked for demi anywhere else so its possible it avail all over the place I just haven't looked for it.

          And as far as the bricks go, there's just something really home-y about those curry bricks from Golden Curry. My mom used to make that curry all the time and pour it over homemade tonkatsu for some curry katsu-don. I need some now!

        2. oops i forgot i posted this haha thanx for the replies guys i guess i have to wait til i go to japan for this haha

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            It's not difficult (or expensive) to make on your own. Could be a bit easier than waiting for a trip to Japan!

          2. Manpuku at village by the grange has Hayashi rice.