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Jan 21, 2009 06:20 PM

visiting from NY for a long weekend, need 4 nights of amazing eats!

I am visiting a good friend in NO for a 4 day weekend, can you all please provide a few of the can't miss experiences? I really want to try something new that I could never find in NY, thanks!!!

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  1. As a fellow New Yorker who has visited New Orleans five times in the last four years, I would say that Friday lunch at Galatoire's is probably the single most unique experience. You can read more elsewhere on the board, I'm sure, but everything they say is pretty much true. I would round out a top five with NOLA -- based on my own two visits and visits by two friends -- as well as Brigtsen's, Luke, and a po'boy at Domilise's. But broadly speaking, most restaurants in New Orleans are wonderful. People will dicker over the details, and there's always someone who doesn't like even the most highly acclaimed places, but it's hard to go wrong with anyplace that is widely recommended here on Chowhound. I also find travel articles in the NY Times to be a good resource. Enjoy!

    1. The main thing is to check the menu and make sure it has New Orleans food. People praise places like Bayona's but it has a NY type menu and the food is much better in NYC. For true NO food try the neighborhood restaurants such as Mandina's, Liuzza's, Liuzza's by the Track, and such. For more upscale, I'd vote with Mark and go to Galatoire's. Also Mr. B's, the Bourbon House, and the fish at Broussard's. We ate at Grande Isle Restaurant recently and they have fairly good Cajun food there.

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        I concur: Focus on restaurants and food that is characteristic of N.O.-- the kind you can't get very easily here in NYC, and isn't as good when you do get it. So, you could could discard Luke from my recs above -- although you could also get raw oysters and a great gumbo there, and have a wonderful experience over all, as me and my friends did.

      2. Brigtsen's, Commander's, Galatoire's, Cochon, to name just a few. Skip Stella. You can find much better in NY. Don't get me wrong, Stella is good, but it's a pale imitation of similar places in bigger cities, and they don't serve nola food. More casual options include Mandina's, Bon Ton, Parkway Bakery, Joey K's, etc.

        1. Herbsaint, Ye Old College Inn, Cafe Atchafalaya, Jacques-Imo's, Boucherie, Squeal, Patois.
          go to an oyster bar: Pascal's Manale, Desire Oyster Bar in the Sonesta, Acme, Felix's.

          what weekend? there may be some markets and festivals, where you can sample some food and music.

          1. Clancy's, Mandina's, Stanley (for brunch), Dante's Kitchen, Commanders, R & O (best roast beef po boy EVER - imho), Jacques-Imo's, Brightsens. Some of my favorites.

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              Macster, thanks for the kudos to R&O's roast beef. I too think it's the best around but does not get mentioned on this board too often

              1. re: roro1831

                I lurve R&O as well. but most folks come here for recommendations for traveling here and are limited with that often rules out the burbs.

                that said, if anyone is heading toward Bucktown and wants true NOLA cooking, check out Mr. Ed's, New Orleans Food & Spirits (thursday is rabbit day), Two Tony's, Sammy's Deli, Fury's and of course R&O..

                1. re: edible complex

                  I miss the white beans and rabbit so much. I'll be back for jazz fest and may have to hit NO Food & Spirits before heading out there.