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which stores besides whole foods carry brougiere's??

i read on yelp that some vons carry it, i know you can also get it at milk on beverly.

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  1. I see Brougiere's at Henry's Farmer's Market (it's a chain) we have one out in Rancho Cucamonga, and there is one in Chino Hills, i'm sure there are a few on the westside as well, just Google Henry's Market.

    1. HOWS carries it, at least the Pasadena store does.

        1. some Ralph's. The one on 3rd an la Brea and the one on Wilshire and Hauser.

          1. you can get it at Vons/Pavilions but sometimes there is limited selection. Like most of the stores near me do not carry the 1% [gold cap] which I prefer. though I think the store in MDR has it.

            1. Milk on Beverly!! :D


              1. Dogwood's market in Monrovia carries it - as does the Hows on Huntington at San Gabriel.

                1. My Ralphs has it. Olympic and Barrington. Wilshire and Bundy.

                  1. The Co op on Broadway/16th in Santa Monica.

                      1. I don't know if it's too far for you, but you can get your fix at the original Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy.
                        Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy
                        505 S. Maple Ave.
                        Montebello, Ca 90640

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                        1. Mitsuwa, the Japanese chain store, or at least the one in Torrance carries Brougiere's milks.