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Jan 21, 2009 05:46 PM

Pancho's Margaritas in Cranston

Anybody been here? I've just recently started hearing it advertised on 100.3 and it sounds worth a try. Said the owners were formerly in charge of La Cascada. It seems very close to El Tapatio and has live music (including jazz on Saturday nights).

Our tastes for Mexican food in RI:

Really like: La Casa del Pueblo, Maya Azteca (not the atmosphere so much for my husband and I), and Mexico Garibaldi (for alcohol + food).

Despise: El Rancho Grande and Chilangos.

Would you say it's closer to our likes or despise category?

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  1. Curious about why you despise El Rancho Grande? What's wrong with it? I've never eaten there, but would like to know more about it, as well as the places you like.

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      I'm totally in the minority in my dislike of El Rancho Grande. While the sangria is delicious and the prices are good, it doesn't make up for the slow service and lack of attention to detail. But everyone else in here raves about it.

      La Casa del Pueblo: delicious food, lovely people, good prices. And they now have a liquor license. It's not the coziest place in the world, so I probably wouldn't hang there over a couple of beers and dinner, but we get take out there once a week and often go for lunch.

      Maya Azteca: when I first found it online, it seemed to cater to urbanites who wanted a terribly authentic experience. But when we visited, they had either changed owners or just remodeled and now they cater to Guates and Mexicans. The food was delicious and they had a full bar, but had I known that it turns into more of a nightclub, we would have dined earlier. It got packed with men, just as many places that cater to Latin American migrants do and I've never gotten stared down so much in my life...even after years of living in Mexico. I was one of only about four women there and the others seemed to be working.

      Another favorite, which I always forget to mention is El Salvadoreno...again, really nice, fast service, and good prices and food. Gets packed with families and groups of friends on Sundays. Great beer selection.