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Jan 21, 2009 05:38 PM

Digital Instant Read Thermometers

Well, my favorite finally died. It was a supermarket giveaway, and when I tried to replace the battery, the casing cracked. What is your favorite? What did you spend and where did you buy it? I really don't want to go back to using my old instant-reads,

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  1. Thermapen, $80 on sale at King Arthur online. Absolutely great and worth every penny.

    1. Or directly at the source:

      I have bought many of these, absolutely the best


      1. I can only tell you that the Taylor DIRT is a piece of $#&* - didn't work from the get-go -- returned it to sur la table today for their house-brand non-digital model... don't know if I'll fare better yet.

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          I have a Taylor digital and a regular. The temps are different on both. They are awful.

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            Test results: I roasted some turkey thighs tonight and used my three thermometers: Same thigh, about 1/4" apart. The Taylor and Sur la Table non-digitals registered a (sadly overdone) 185; the Taylor DIRT registered 202+... ??? They were delicious anyway!

          2. I have a digital Polder that I purchased at BB&B for $15.00, but I agree that the Thermapens are the best if you want to invest $85.00 for a DIRT. I see that they now have a OXO thermo for a reasonable price.

            1. My Weber is several years old and works perfectly BUT! the temps are preset** (to beep) for various meats (lamb, chicken, beef (rare, med, well), fish, veal, pork, turkey, even hamburger). So, if you want degrees varied, you have to "watch" the remote's display as the temp rises and gets close to your desired doneness. Not a huge problem.... unless you're busy and forget to monitor it.

              **The preset temps are for exact "prescibed" doneness, therefore, by the time carryover cook time/resting is achieved, the meat is over done.

              Other than that, it's right on the money and perhaps over the years, they've added custom temperature settings. I think I paid about $25.