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Jan 21, 2009 05:09 PM

The sky's the limit

I just won a bet that requires 4 other couples to take my wife and I out to dinner at a restaurant of our choice. $150 per person is the cap for the food (alcohol is separate). We live near LAX and are willing to drive up to an hour for a special meal. The restaurant must be able to accomidate a party of 10 but other than that, the sky's the limit! Where do we go?

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  1. Mastro's in Beverly Hills has a private room. $150 per person is not exactly "sky's the limit", but you'll get out of Mastro's without having to do dishes.

    If the sky is TRULY the limit, then Urasawa (also Beverly Hills) offers a $350+ per person omakase which will blow your mind and palate. I was there with 10 of my friends last June (we booked the whole restaurant that night, pretty much). Phenomenal.

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      OK, OK the sky's not truly the limit. But at $150 a head for the food only, you gotta think there are a lot of good choices in LA.

    2. i'd go to michael's in santa monica, not just for the food, but because the room is extremely comfortable.

      1. Spago Tasting menu, Providence, Josie, Melisse could work.

        1. I'd go to Cut -- hot reservation, gorgeous room, splurge on some steaks and bone marrow and order a few ounces of the wagyu to taste and share. Note: this rec is void if they still have that portrait of Speidi on the wall.

          1. I don't know if they other couples are into food, but I'd do a TM at Spago or Providence. (not everyone wants to devote 3-4 hrs to dinner.)

            The Providence "full menu" is $120 per their website.