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Jan 21, 2009 05:04 PM

Mid-priced dinner in Atlantic City?

I'm headed to AC with two friends for a weekend in Feb. We're looking for a good place to eat at about $50/head. Spicy stuff is out, and only 2 of us will be drinking. We're old friends catching up - away from husbands and kids for the weekend - so we'd like to be someplace relatively cozy where they won't rush us through our meal. Would love your suggestions.

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  1. Does location matter, if so where will you be staying?

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      Not really; we're staying at the Chelsea, but will have a car.

    2. The Tun Tavern is a brew pub style but has good food. Another suggestion would be The Fairmount Tavern kind of old world italian. The Irish Pub it is what it says an Irish Pub but does dinners and has atmosphere, last place Atlantic City Bar and Grill. Good food/drink. Top 4 non casino places we can suggest.