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Jan 21, 2009 04:41 PM

Wayne Gretzky's Restaurant

While I realize it's pretty much a tourist trap, has anyone been here recently? I heard that have re-done their menu. What's the service like?

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  1. Go with your first inclination. It is a tourist trap... high prices for somewhat mediocre cuisine. You can do a lot better elsewhere in the entertainment district.

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    1. re: cynalan

      Not even tourists go for the food — you go because its a shrine to the Great One.

    2. In defense of #99's place, I would say that in the summer their rooftop patio "oasis" is fantastic, hard to find spots like that in the downtown core. And they serve good chicken wings.

      But that's about it.

      1. on the hockey tip is wendel clark's joint still going?
        i so wanted a hockey players' place to be good! but alas it was not =(

        1. It's a sports bar. The food is roughly on par with Front Street chains like Jack Astors, Loose Moose etc. that serve mainly frozen/ processed food.