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Jan 21, 2009 04:40 PM

HK Market: sushi grade fish?

I went to HK in Glendale a few years ago for some bulgogi and remember passing by there seafood section with what appeared to be fish cut into the rectangular blocks like you see at a sushi restaurant. Anybody try any of this stuff? If I remember correctly the prices seemed quite moderate.

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  1. It's for sushi and its fine. I'm not an expert on grade, but I've bought it and was satisfied. If you aren't sure there's always Fish King on Glendale Avenue.

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    1. re: monku

      if you bought it and it didnt kill you, then im more than satisfied. Were the prices low? For some reason I remember seeing the ahi for like 12-13 a pound. I love Fish King but its a bit more.

      1. re: blackbookali

        Its been several months. I bought some ahi to make poke and for that you don't really need a high grade, but I think it was around $10 worth (not sure of the weight) and I thought it was comparable in price to what I buy when I go to Marukai.
        Luckily I have fishing friends that give me lots of tuna during the fishing season. That tells you I'll eat any grade if the price is right.

    2. I recommend Fish King in Glendale on the way to GCC (Glendale Community College). HK Market has some good korean food, but I haven't tried their raw fish.

      1. I've used their tuna and salmon to make poke. I recall it was about $10 a pound but the quality was pretty good. Can't tell you whether it would be as tasty as a sushi bar without the marination. But no one died or got sick so that's a good sign.