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Jan 21, 2009 03:25 PM

Wichita Cheese/Dairy

Hey guys, I'm looking for a cheese shop in Wichita. I don't have super-high expectations, just something better than your average grocery store. Or, are there any markets/groceries there that have a great selection of cheese?

Additionally - anyone know where I can get some Greek yogurt in ICT?

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  1. The only place I've found in town that has a decent selection of cheese is Dillons at Central and Rock. They have about 4 times the selection than the other Dillons stores. After that, I'd try Piccadilly, which is across the street from Dillons on Central.

    I don't recall seeing Greek yogurt anywhere, but you might try calling the market at N&J to see if they have it.

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      I had almost forgotten about N&J (mostly due to a date that went poorly -suppressed memory, I think).

    2. I was at Green Acres this morning (near 21st and Rock) - they had Greek yogurt.

      1. Wichita's still mostly a cheese wasteland, although the refrigerated deli cases at the Dillons stores are starting to show some promise. I don't hang out in the natural food stores, but I'd think they might potentially have some decent domestic cheeses.
        If it's something out-of-the-ordinary you're looking for, try (although the shipping's a killer unless you get them during a good shipping deal). I know they're running a BOGO deal right now on some of their cheeses.

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          Is everyone aware that you can pick up orders from the Dean & Deluca shipping center up on 37th? Anything from their catolaog is available. I usually go online and get the item # and then call the local # listed in the phone book. If you call in the morning it can be picked up in the Lobby after 3pm. The cheese selection is outstanding but pricey.