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Jan 21, 2009 03:22 PM

Wine with citrus?

I just ate at Aqua in San Franciso where I ordered fish and a nice bottle of chardonnay. The fish was served with a grapefruit sauce that absolutely devastated the taste of the wine. So, my question is: what wine, if any, is good to have with a citrus sauce? Or would it be better to go with a beer or a sake?

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  1. One would need a high acid white in this situation. I would have reached for a Gruner Veltliner or something from Alsace (Pinot Gris, auxerrrois, Pinot Blanc).


    1. Or have your chardonnay with bubbles next time and order a Blanc de Blancs Champagne.

      1. I'd say a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, though any good Sauvignon Blanc would do the trick. The high acidity and natural citrus flavors of the wine make an easy pairing with any citrus sauce, particularly grapefruit. I've paired it with Halibut w/grapefruit buerre blanc with great success. Drylands and Whitehaven are two good, reasonably priced options from New Zealand, and I like the Matanzas Creek from California, also not too expensive. If you want to go for something different, a Spanish Albarino (Burgans is an inexpensive option we like a lot) would also work well.

        1. i'd do a Fume or Sauvignon Blanc.

          1. White Bordeaux is loaded with citrus, and often used in pairings with a citrus emulsion or citrus beurre blanc. Grapefruit, ruby grapefruit, lemon, meyer lemon, blood orange, tangerine, Seville orange and so forth. Chardonnay isn't a good choice. Try something like the Haut-Lafitte, loaded with lemon and Seville orange.

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              Ditto to that, my choice would be Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Gris. I had both of those before