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Jan 21, 2009 02:34 PM

Annual Chef's Night Out - Toms River

Just stumbled upon an event listing for the subject. To be held this year on Monday, March 2, 2009. Does anyone have more information or experience attending a previous year's event?

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  1. I think that this is an event that goes on every year. We went last year, about 60 chefs, lots of beer and wine. Some of the chefs were the tops in the area. Atlantic bar and grill, bistro 44, Joe Leone all in all a good value, Fifty bucks.

    1. Its a great show the food and drinks are so good . Plus it all for a great cause

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        Chef -- will you be particpating this year?

      2. Did this event happen as scheduled and how was it? Or was it canceled due to the storm and has it been rescheduled?

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          yes the show went on was great not a big crowd because of the snow but we all had some great food and lots fun

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            We went to this years chefs night out and had a fun time. I guess there were fifty chefs this year, down a bit from last year because of the snow. As i posted before a great time ate for almost four hours, also had a few beverages. I am trying to get the results of the judging. The only one I am sure of is Atlantic bar and grill won peoples choice. They served a scallop slider that was teriffic. When i get the other results I will post them.

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              Chef and boatboy -- thanks for your comments. I had to travel out of state for business last week so missed the event. I'll try again next year.

            2. The date for 2010 has been announced: Monday, March 1. 6-9 PM (no snow date)

              For information see:

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                  Its going to be a great show..over 50 restaurants with beer,wine,and liquor vendors
                  all for just $50 per person and its a great Fundraiser for the Ocean County Voc school

              1. I'm glad to report that this was a great time Monday night. This was my first time at a "Chef's Night Out" and it was a pretty impressive strolling feast. I'll post the list of restaurants and participating businesses separately.

                Chef Mike from Atlantic Bar & Grill won (for the third or fourth time in a row) the people's choice award for the evening with his shredded braised short-rib (please correct me if I got that wrong!).

                I thought some notable offerings were the seared scallop with Asian slaw from the Ocean County Vo-Tech School, Pisces Seafood's gumbo, and ShopRite's lump crab cake slider. I'm sure I'm overlooking other fine servings; there really was too many there to recall them all. Lots of drinks to sample, including wines, beers, liqueurs, tequila, etc.

                This is a fantastic event with tables of particpating restaurants, caterers, beverage distributors, and food shops lining the four walls of the Ritacco center. In the middle are tables for sitting, but most people seemed to prefer to stroll past and linger at the food tables.

                There were several gift baskets raffled, and very nice live guitar music played the whole evening.

                I plan to go back next year, too. The date for the 15th Annual International Chef's Night Out is March 7, 2011.

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                  Great reporting job! made me sad I missed it and makes me look forward to the next time!!! Well done!