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Jan 21, 2009 02:25 PM

Haggis, Haggis, Haggis!

Gryphon d'or will be serving their famous haggis for lunch this Friday, Jan. 23, in honour of Robbie Burns Day (which is actually Sunday, but they're not open then.) They'll also have Balmoral Chicken, which is a chicken thigh stuffed with oatmeal & celery, wrapped in bacon and served with scalloped potatoes. The haggis comes with mashed taters & neeps.

Lunch starts at noon and haggis is served until it runs out, with closing time at 8 pm. If you're planning to go later in the day, I suggest you call first to make sure they still have some haggis left.

Hooray for haggis!

Gryphon d'or
5968 Monkland Ave. (between Hampton & Royal), NDG
(514) 485-7377

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  1. Thanks Kpzoo! Guess I know what I'll be eating on Friday! :)

    1. Yay! For once I'm actually free on their Haggis Day - well, relatively free. I have a thing at 12:30, do you think she'll have run out by 1:15 or so? I sure hope not.

      Thus far my only experience with it has been the "Haggis flavoured" oat cakes I brought back from London...that didn't have much flavour at all in the end. Can't wait to finally try the real thing (even if it doesn't have ALL the gnarly bits it's supposed to...)

      Thanks kpzoo for the heads-up about this - I totally would have missed it otherwise! :-)

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      1. re: anachemia

        Last year my hubby had a late-afternoon/early evening haggis "lupper" so hopefully there'll be plenty to go around - I wouldn't worry. And I might finally get to meet you if I'm still there by then. Look for the chick who resembles her cartoon avatar. ;-)

      2. Many thanks Kpzoo, for posting yet again and reminding us of this wonderful place! The haggis was as delicious as last year, and the neeps and taties were also excellent. The Haggis was the star, but I have to say the butter tart was also a revelation. Crispy puffy pastry, a lovely sugar and butter filling, warm from the oven, with a turret of whipping cream. We inhaled this dessert, and many at our table were willing to order a second helping, but they ran out. We had to console ourselves with scones :) They do great scones.

        The butter tarts were so good that 2 people in our party felt compelled to order a dozen each to pick up the next day (dozen is the minimum you can order when you special order). While we were in the bakery, we saw them preparing really good looking chicken pot pie, so we ordered a couple of those too. I really thought we had ordered way too many butter tarts, and I was worried we were going to waste them. But within 2 days, we had hoovered through 6 of them between the two of us, and we decided it would be prudent to gift some to friends before we ate them all. The butter tarts are different than the ones I used to get in Winnipeg and Toronto. The pastry is more like puff pastry, and the filling was less substantial, it is just a thin layer of filling. But this makes them infinitely more hooverable, as I find them lighter than the usual butter tart. They are delicious. $1.75 per tart.

        The chicken pot pies had a fantastic puff pastry, and a rich creamy chicken and vegetable filling. You could taste the lovely herbs and seasoning in the sauce. They are a bit expensive ($10 per pie), but these are certainly one of the best pot pies I have had in the city for their flavour and elegance. It isn't a lot of food, if you are very hungry, you'll have to fill the meal out with other food. I also wish they put a touch more chicken in there. But there is a lot of love in these pies.

        Gryphon D'or is a real gem of a place. The food is very well prepared, and very tasty, and the place is very quaint. This was a good reminder to make my way over there more often than just Robbie Burns Day.

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        1. re: moh

          Has anyone tried their Welsh pies? I was told they had pork and apple in them. Sounds delicious!

        2. For those who care.... it's Robbie Burns Day tomorrow (Monday, January 25) and the Gryphon d'or in NDG will be serving its annual haggis-tastic lunch!

          Location details & phone number are in the first post in this thread.


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          1. re: kpzoo

            My Mom is recuperating from a broken femur at Catherine Booth... I work downtown... so this is on my way! I have never tried haggis, but know about it. I am curious to give it a try. Do they do take-out haggis?

            kpzoo... will you be there? Drop me a line (email in my profile) and perhaps we could meet.

            1. re: Andria

              Did you try the haggis, Andria? I wasn't sure I'd be able to get there until the very last minute. My hubby happily had the haggis, with the usual side of tatties & neeps, and a delicious (he says) trifle for dessert. We got there around 1:45 and the place was very quiet. I ended up joining him only for dessert because the menu was very beef and cheddar cheese-heavy today, neither of which I eat. My scones with homemade raspberry jam were delightful, as always.

              As a side note: for those who may not know, Gryphon d'or has expanded into the adjacent storefront space on Monkland, where they now sell their goods for takeout, including their own line of organic teas. I tried their Earl Grey Cream a while back and it was delicious. Their bakery facilities have moved there as well, so the poor staff no longer have to trudge outside to bring batches of scones and whatnot back-and-forth from the bakery to the tearoom.

              1. re: kpzoo

                I ended up picking some up towards the end of the day as take-out. My review... meh... not bad, but not really my thing. It was not offensive in any way, and I'm sure those who like haggis would have been satisfied. Inexpensive too... just 8:00 for the haggis, mash, neeps and a very fresh spring mix salad... and a piece of shortbread. I may have to stop by Gryphon d"Or for their scones some time soon.