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Jan 21, 2009 02:22 PM

Financial District Lunch?

I need a restaurant to take eight business associates to lunch tomorrow in the Broadway/Wall Street area -- good food, not too pricey, not too noisy. Any suggestions?

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  1. Todd English opened a placed called The Libertine not far from Wall St/Broadway. It is a couple of blocks NE on Cliff Street & Gold Street. Well worth the trouble of finding it--went there last week. Plus they have a decent prix fixe deal on weekdays.

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      I second Libertine, I like the atmosphere in there, very comfy, also they have a pretty decent burger. There's also Roy's at the Marriot.

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        Just wondering if you can recommend any dishes other than the burger at Libertine? I live in Battery Place City and still haven't had a chance to visit. What is the prix-fixe deal on weekdays?

        Thanks in advance!

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          I've only been twice, once for brunch and once for dinner. Had the burger at dinner and I didn't get the prex-fixe brunch. I had eggs, sausage and hash for brunch, it was pretty good. My boyfriend had bubble and squeak with chorizo or some kind of sausage, can't recall, and it was pretty good. I don't know how it's like during the week since I've only gone on the weekend but it's not busy at all on the weekend and its comfy. The food is pretty decent there, nothing amazing but it's a good addition to the neighborhood.

    2. Not a lot of good restaurants down there....they opened a HARU about year or so ago and not busy, good atmosphere, lots of room.

      1. There's a decent place called The Ketch on Pearl St. We had actually tried to go to The Libertine first but they were too crowded and tried to stuff our party of 5 into a tiny table in the corner. The Ketch was definitely decent, not too pricey and definitely not very noisy. I think it would be a great place for a business lunch.

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        1. I'd try Roy's at the Marriott.

          1. Depending on the budget (not too pricey can mean different range for different people) and how far you are willing to travel, there are quite a few options:

            If you are willing to walk over to Pearl / Stone Street, you can try Adrienne Pizza Bar (they have pasta and not just pizza), Harry Cafe (not too pricey as long as you avoid the steaks), Bridge Cafe, etc.

            At Winter Garden at WFC, there is also PJ Clarke's (great burger, though may get noisy depending on the day). Les Halles is close by (John Street) but again, may get crowded and noisy.

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              Adrienne's can get lively/noisy. Delmonico's might work. Bobby Van's.

              FKM123 so where did you end up and how was it?