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Jan 21, 2009 01:50 PM

Wynn Tableau Menu Change

Does anyone know if menu has changed significantly at Tableau since chef is now over at Botero? We're headed out this weekend and I have my usual craving for short ribs and eggs. My wife was talking with Wynn Marketing people last night and they reported that at least some of the breakfast/brunch menu has changed...the ricotta pancakes seem to have departed to my wife's dismay.

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  1. Tableau is in the process of being transformed to "An American Place", with Larry Forgione already in charge of the kitchen. Apparently the original plan was to open at the Encore, but there was a lot of late shuffling going on with the Encore restaurant's before opening, part of that Mark LoRusso moving over to run Botero. A friend and I had an excellent dinner at Tableau last week (it was nice to find a "winter" menu in Las Vegas, a season that is under-represented here, for the obvious reasons), and got to spend some time afterwards talking with Forgione, who is well aware of the challenges ahead. We wish him well; this is not the easiest of times to be opening on the Strip. Unfortunately I did not see the breakfast menu, but there are indeed changes being made.

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      Having joined QAW last week for dinner, I enjoyed the short rib as my was cooked beautifully, 'fall of the bone' tender and comforting. It was served along w/ root vegetables and horseradish mashed potatoes. It was a wonderful presentation.

      The entire meal was terrific. Chef Forgione has introduced his personality into the new menu....he is also offering a 3 course tasting menu to showcase his prowess in the kitchen and his personality in his 'fresh, american, seasonal' cuisine.

      I look forward to visiting Tableau/An American Place again in the near future...(The Wynn is supposed to be doing a full remodel of the space)

      What a treat to enjoy a meal prepared by a James Beard Award winner and visit w/ him after the meal.
      Chef Forgione mentioned his son Brian would be at the helm in the kitchen in the morning...overseeing the breakfast menu.

      As I was staying at the Wynn I stopped by for breakfast the next morning. The Short Rib and eggs is indeed on the menu.
      If I hadn't had it the evening before as my entree I would have enjoyed it for breakfast. I went w/ the eggs benedict w/ the potato cake.
      It was wonderful and the service couldn't have been better!

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        Thanks for the update. Breakfast is a favorite for us every visit. Glad to hear to hear dinner is still strong too. We've always thought that this is a hidden gem.

    2. As an unfortunate sign of the times, Tableau is no longer open for dinner, and plans for further transformation are tabled indefinitely.

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        Updating, sadly. Larry Forgione has left the building. Not sure what the long-term plans will be for Tableau, which is a nice space, but it looks like breakfast/lunch only for the near future, and an almost inevitable lowering of the levels of creativity that type of schedule calls for.