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Jan 21, 2009 01:44 PM

Italian restaurant in the Hollywood/WeHo adjacent area

I am meeting a friend for dinner tonight and we would like to have Italian.

We have been to Osteria Mozza and loved it, but would like to try out a new place.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Hungry and Helpless,


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  1. Angelini Osteria is usually pretty good, and I also like Terroni. Many many people like La Buca too although I think it's pretty pedestrian. Delancey is sort of hit or miss, but if you want to travel a little further east I've only every had a good time at Little Dom's.

    1. I discovered Melograno late last year after a couple of friends of mine took me there. It's on Hollywood blvd. at little west of Wilcox. The cooking is true Italian with no pizza in sight. I love their tagliatelle with boar ragu but their raviolis are amazing too. It's very subtle cooking and the flavors are amazing. I don't know why this restaurant hasn't been talked about more but it's one of my favourites.

      6541 Hollywood Boulevard
      Los Angeles, CA 90028

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      1. re: ExtraCheesePlease

        Tagliatelle with boar ragu, holy crap that sounds amazing.

        1. re: laeditormatthew

          I'm hungry just thinking about it. I think I need to go back soon.

      2. Locanda Veneta at 8638 3rd St. Very good Italian restaurant. One of my favorates.

        1. Angeli Cafe is great. It's on Melrose, around Poinsettia.

          1. Locanda Veneta 310-274-1893
            Cafe Angelino 310-246-1177
            Pizzeria Ortica 310-289-9910