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Jan 21, 2009 01:38 PM

Triny Doubles and Aloo Pie

I'm looking for place where I can get excellent doubles and aloo pie. If they happen to be TTCable that's great, but I'm willing to make the trek if they are worth it!

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  1. Hi JennaBean,

    I'm not sure if they have aloo pie . . . but Alie's Roti shop on Queen west of Ossington (and maybe west of landsdowne) makes doubles and... I sure do like them!!. . . I like mine with a little pepper sauce which balances the flavours nicely . . . There is also a place at Bloor East and Huntley (just west of Sherbourne) but I can't think of the name of the place right now ....i'm sure some of the hounds out there will know which one I mean . . . They too also make a pretty decent Doubles and they are very friendly as well . . .

    That's my 2 cents...


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    1. re: snackboy

      Ohhhh I think I may try to grab one from this place on Bloor street tomorrow for breakfast! I hope they are open. Mmmm doubles. :-)

      Did you notice if they have any sweet/spice chutney? Green mango and coconut are what I'm now dreaming of!!!!

      1. re: snackboy

        Just noticed I threw an 'e' in the name . . . It's actually Ali's Roti Shop . . . Thanks Colonel78...


        1. re: snackboy

          The place at Bloor & Huntley is Brendan's Roti Corner. I've had good roti from them but haven't tried the doubles... will get on that soon.

          1. re: snackboy

            Snackboy the BF and I finally tried Alie's not only did they have doubles and great aloo pie but my BF said that roti itself is just like the one his mom would make. It was a big hit. Thanks for the tip!

          2. Okay, tell me about Aloo Pie, because, really, that sounds pretty bloody yummy, I mean, just from the name, because really, potatoes and pie, how can you go wrong?

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            1. re: mainja

              My beautiful Triny bf who just happens to be a chef introduced me to these lovely little items. In Trinidad they are sold along side doubles as a type of breakfast item or a snack. In them there is of course potatoes but also salt cod, cumin, onion, and of course scotch bonnet peppers. The little half moon pies are fried and then cut open to add more pepper sauce or chutney!

              Really and truly the first time made them for me, I ate four in a row! The blow your mind tamarind chutney may have had something to do with it but I'd eat them just as they are in a split second! :-)

              1. re: JennaBean

                Aloo pies are oblong-shaped deep fried flour-based pastries (similar to calzones) that contain mashed potatoes that are highly seasoned (usually with cumin or geera, bandanya and pepper). I've never heard of any versions containing salted cod before.

                p.s. it's Trini.

                1. re: psyrel

                  ohoh... i'll have to show him when he get's home! i can already see him shaking his head at me :-) at least now i won't forget.

                  anyway, i know his aunt makes them the same way so maybe it is just a family thing or regional but i'll ask him.

                  all i know is that i they are tres yummy. and the ones that i've had are much lighter than a calzone in terms of the pastry.

                  1. re: psyrel

                    Just wanted to let you know I showed the BF this post and he said in his experience they are always made with salt cod. He even called his auntie to see if she had had them without it in the past and she said this is the way they have always made them. Maybe you can tell me where you've had them without the salt cod, I know he'd want to try them out when we go to Trinidad this spring.

                    1. re: JennaBean

                      Interesting, sounds like a (yummy) family twist. Salt fish is too expensive an ingredient to be included in "roadside food" which aloo pies traditionally are. One new variation is the channa pie - splitting an aloo pie and adding curried channa (same type used in doubles). A great place to check out in Trinidad is Debe - there's a stretch of the main road with 20-30 vendors selling every indian delicacy you can think of. See who's selling what fresh, where the lineups are... browse, eat & enjoy!

                      1. re: psyrel

                        Thanks so much! We are going in a few months and I can't wait b/c I think it is going to be an eating adventure kind of vacation. His grandparents spend half the year there but mostly when he visits he spends time with family so this will be the first time that we get to travel around the island to sample all of the tasty treats. I can't wait! :-)

              2. I second Ali's Roti shop at 1446 Queen W just east of Lansdowne (take lansdowne bus or Queen streetcar). I like the doubles with tamarind sauce. They have aloo pie but I haven't had it. In my opinion rotis there are not as good as some other places.

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                1. re: Colonel78

                  Go to the flea market in the west end, its on Steeles, possibly around martingrove?
                  In this flea market there are a few trini/caribbean food stalls.
                  They sell amazing, and from what I hear from my Trinidadian friend authentic bakes and doubles.
                  The stall I now have to visit regularly is in the building closest to steeles (there are three buildings) It is run by a family who seem very dedicated. The food is made right there in front of you. Its awesome food for awesome prices!