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Jan 21, 2009 01:27 PM

Going to San Francisco in a Month [Moved from S.F board]

Hi fellow Chowhounders! My mother and I (NYC self proclaimed foodies) are heading to SF the 3rd week of Feb, and then going down to Monterey/Carmel to do some central coast wine tasting for 3 nights...we haven't been to SF since 2004 and I know the restaurant scene has changed since then. We were looking for some advice on really good food in downtown SF (we are staying in the Grand Hyatt on Stockton down the block from Macy's)...preferably Mexican, Californian, Dim Sum, Mediterranean or New American...doesn't have to be celebrity chef or the number 1 hot spot (unless that is really what is the best right now)...also doesn't have to be super expensive (we aren't interested in dropping $300 for a dinner for 2). We do have a car if necessary. Also if anyone has any ideas of things to do/see and great eats or wineries in Monterey/Carmel or going down Highway 1 I'd love to get some input on that too...Thank you so much in advance for your help!

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  1. Stuff outside the nine Bay Area counties (which do not include Monterey/Carmel) should be discussed on the California board. However, since you're driving that way and you asked, you really should check out Fiesta-Tepa-Sahuayo, a Mexican restaurant in Watsonville that has dishes you won't find elsewhere (ask the proprietor to steer you to their specialties).

    15 1st St, Watsonville, CA

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      Thanks for the recommendation..of course I have no idea what the Bay counties are. Being from NY I thought that anything within driving distance from SF is in the area.

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        To put it in perspective, Monterey is farther from San Francisco than NY is from Philadelphia. California is a big state, and they had to draw the line somewhere, so they drew it at the nine Bay Area counties (the ones that actually touch on San Francisco Bay). So that includes Napa and Sonoma, but not Santa Cruz or Monterey. There's lots of information about Monterey, Carmel and the Central Coast on the California board.

    2. nepenthe - big sur
      downtown restaurants: town hall in soma, amber india on market street, katana-ya for ramen, canteen for brunch, clock bar for drinks isn't bad...
      hope you have fun!

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        Looked at your suggestions and will definitely try Town Hall it looks really good! Not much info on Katana Ya- but my mom is 1/2 Japanese and the Japanese population in SF is bigger than in NY so I am sure its a good spot (hopefully a hole in the wall like the Ramen spots in Japan)...Thank you so much for the info

      2. I just drove the Big Sur coast this past weekend. I didn't stop at Nepenthe but I've eaten there before and the food is good. The location is the big draw though and rightly so. You should stop there for lunch. The fires at Big Sur last July were extensive and almost all the trails and backcountry is closed. The fire burned right down to the highway in many places. If you are headed further south, be sure to stop in at the Sebastian's store store in San Simeon. Its really friendly, cool, has a little patio area and fine sandwiches. There is also a picnic area at the beach a few yards away. One very good restaurant in the central coast area is McPhee's in Templeton. I highly recommend this place and its smack dab in the middle of central coast vineyards.

        McPhee's Ian Grill
        416 S. Main Street, Templeton, CA 93465

        Highway 1, Big Sur, CA

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Hi Folks-

            Since all of the replies have been for venues out side of the scope of the San Francisco board we have moved this thread to the California board. Please do continue adding your recommendations for venues in California that fit the criteria of the California board.

            We invite the original poster to start another thread on the San Francisco board to request San Francisco reccos, but suggest you do not reference Monterey/Carmel in your posting.