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Jan 21, 2009 01:22 PM

Westwood BBQ ?(bergen county)

I keep seeing the ads for this place in the record and i dream of pulled pork...has anyone gone?

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  1. Sixe,

    Do you mean Backwoods BBQ in Westwood?

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        I have been there twice with mixed results. First time was soon after their opening. The place was fairly crowded, but the food took a very long time to arrive at the table. Service was suspect with young servers trying to do their best, but very forgetful. It was a new place, no big deal. We ordered the 3-sampler special....everything was what you would expect barbequed meats should be. Baby Back Ribs, Pulled Pork and Chicken.....nothing stood out as exceptional....sides again were typical sides. Cole Slaw and Fries the first time as we did not want to experiment too much. The prevailing thought was to see if they could do the basics well or not. They passed and we said we would be back.

        The last time we were back was about three months ago as a party of three....My son, his girl and me. We were more adventurous this time around and ordered the following, with the intention of sharing most of everything. soup was for my son only:

        Bread and Corn Bread Basket: served warm....good

        Kobe Steak Nachos.....fair to good, steak seemed like it was steamed......would not order again
        BBQ Chicken Wings (well done)....very good to excellent.....would order again.
        Onion Soup.....Good. .....would order again
        Caesar Salad.....Good, dressing a little weak, but a tremendous amount of shaved Parmigiano, possibly too much cheese(if that's even possible). would order again.

        Five Meat Sampler:

        BBQ Chicken......good
        Pulled Pork.....Very Good
        Baby Back Ribs....Very Good....meaty and moist.
        St Louis Dry Rub with Pepper and Sage....not for us...very dry and hard (tip end)
        Mac and Cheese.....Fair
        Baked Beans.....Very Good with Pulled Pork Bits
        Onion Rings.....Fair
        Cole Slaw........Very Good

        Back in the fall, I remember the restaurant was looking to either sell outright or was actively seeking an investor/partner for an infusion of cash. I think I may have read on Second Helpings the restaurant decided to open the cafe area for soups only for lunch to improve the bottom line. They do not offer BBQ for lunch....unless that has changed

        Overall rating is good. The place is clean and comfortable...albeit decorations are bare and cold somewhat...just wood everywhere. The food can be very good, but I can see and have heard, consistency is a problem. Our second visit the kitchen had timing problems again. The staff was attentive, but how many times can you fill up the water glass. The time between courses is the problem. The restaurant is BYOB, but the local liquor store was more than a little high on their prices. If I recall, the liquor store charged near $40 for Santa Margherita and $12 for a Micro Brew Six-Pack. I would suggest stopping at your regular store first.

        The check was $85.00 pre-tip for the three of coffee or dessert.....on a Friday Night...the restaurant was half full...I guess for some, the place seems a little high on prices. I only thought the liquor store was crazy.

        Final thought....I would go back, but it isn't any better than Famous Dave's .....and I would rather go to Dinosaur instead

        1. re: fourunder

          thanks for the report! my dude and i have been eyeing the ad for quite sometime now and, while it's still on my go-to list, it's not as near to the top...I'm curious to know what other bbq spots you've been to...there's the one in Blauvelt run by Fink's Funky Chicken's Pitmaster and the other one in ridgwood run by Silver Oak's chef. I've been to that one (silver oak's addendum) and it was....ok.

          I lived in the south (georgia) and have never had something that even comes close to wowing me like even the lamest bbq place in georgia did. Whatsupwiththat?

          1. re: sixelagogo

            Bailey's Blauvelt Inn is the best of the three. Try the pulled pork nachos!

            You should try Backwoods on a Wednesday night when it is all you can eat ribs for $20. It is a great way to sample the different styles. You order them half a rack at a time.

            The former chef of Silver Oak Bistro, Gary Needham, who was the main barbecue guy behind Bourbon Barbecue in Wyckoff is longer associated with either location!

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              First off, not a fan of Fink's BBQ. You can see my thoughts here on a previous thread....


              Since that thread, I have been to both Hot Rod's Real Pit in Wharton and CC BBQ Pit in Haledon. Both were as you say just okay.....Rod's is still going and CC's is gone. I would not make a special trip to go back to Hot Rod's.

              I have not been to Smitty's Smokehouse & BBQ in Lyndhurst yet. It was on my list to try, but the opinions are all over the map, most citing problems with consistency, so that news kind of put a dent into my desire to go there.. If I am in the area during lunch I would still give it a try, but I will not make a special trip to travel down there.

              Two places I have heard good reports on are not too far away......TJ's in Newark and Front Street Smokehouse in Elizabeth.



              Maybe I'll get down to one of these places after an airport run.