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Jan 21, 2009 01:22 PM

What is the name of that Newport restaurant...

...with the good chowder? Okay, that sounds like a few places, and it could be the place I'm thinking of is not good in your opinion. It was definitely a distant second to Scales and Shells, which the man and I very much loved, but here's what I remember:
- NOT ON THAMES. I think it was a parallel block, one up (using "up" to mean away from the water in which Banister's Wharf and others sat) on a VERY SHORT BLOCK up from a small park.
- Not as far over as Marlborough St. in one direction. In the other direction, not as far as the liquor/wine store (and road that follows the beach towards the Fort)
- Not remotely fancy. More like bar food.
- We saw signs that bands played there at night. Might have been more of a NIGHTLIFE spot.
- There were rampant officially historic buildings around. Of course, this is true of most of the town, but we saw a particularly closely packed few right around this restaurant on a perpendicular street where we parked.

Anyway, we loved this chowder, and I think the nice waitress said we could order it online, but I'm not having any luck tracking down the name from memory or from browsing through lists. Any help would be very appreciated!

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  1. Can't speak to the chowder, sadly, but could the place be One Pelham East? They have lots of music and are a block over from Queen Anne Square, home to Trinity Church.

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    1. re: rosieg

      or maybe the newport blues club,except dont know if they even have chowda,they must.

    2. The Black Pearl doesn't really fit into your description - except, that it's the only place in town that I'm aware of where you can order the chowder online - also, there is a restaurant next door that has live music on the weekends (mostly in the winter) - they are known for their chowder -
      can you give any more points of reference?

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      1. re: harryharry

        I remember the Black Pearl, and the place I'm thinking of wasn't on the harbor like that was. Perhaps I misunderstood when she said it could be ordered. Or, maybe they get their chowder from the Pearl. I'll check the One Pelham East place, as the location and description sound right. Thank you all for your help!

        1. re: hchudgin

          Ah, still no luck. One Pelham East was too far over towards the Black Pearl area. It was closer to the fudge place (though it was a few blocks away from the water and Thames). I guess I'll just have to wait until I return.

          Any other live music venues anyone can think of?

          1. re: hchudgin

            The Red Parrot? Right across from a fudge place. But do they have music?

              1. re: im hungry

                Actually, I don't either, but still trying. What is a block or so up from the harbor? I can think East and West but not up the hill.

      2. Actually, Yesterday's (also The Place) is about a block up from the water and near a park. It has a pub atmosphere, and people tend to like their chowder. I haven't been there in years, but I remember dancing there (Wish I had a tape of that!) at least once a long time ago, so they must have some kind of music.

        1. Not sure how long ago you were there, but it might have been Muriel's. Gone now but they did win a lot of Chowder Cook Offs.

          1. Any chance it was an Irish place - in which case it was Aiden's( now know as the Fastnet.)

            In terms of your clues. Between Malborough and Wellington (which I assume is the road that follows the beach....) is not all that helpful. That is pretty much the entire commercial strip of downtown newport. However, not being on thames but rather one block up, is a big help. One block up from Thames is Spring St. There are very few restaurants on Spring St.

            One of them is Aidens/Fastnet which is across the street from a park and the old state Capitol and the Courthouse.

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            1. re: Frobisher

              Yes, i apologize again that my clues aren't too helpful. I don't think it was on Spring St. (not to rule it out), since I remember Spring being broad with lamp posts and more traffic (relatively speaking). When I checked Yesterdays (which looks really close...same kind of menu, same kind of bar), I ended up on the satellite view of Google Maps. Are there any restaurants near Queen Anne Square?

              Thank you all again!

              1. re: hchudgin

                You may have been at the RI Quahog Company - I think you are thinking that America's Cup Avenue is Thames Street, in that area Thames Street is sort of one block up from the water - the place next door (or a few doors down) is the Pelham (lots of live music and very much a night life spot.

                1. re: harryharry

                  And just beside Queen Anne Square.

                2. re: hchudgin

                  Broad with lamposts is Bellevue (the street with the mansions) or maybe Broadway (which is what Spring runs into as you head out of town), but definitely not Spring. Spring is narrow, one way and ends shortly after Aidens/Fastnet, where it meets up with Broadway.

                  In addition to the places mentioned above, Poor Richards/Benjamins are close to Queen Anne Square. However, they are directly on Thames St., not one block up, which makes sense if you think America's Cup = Thames.

                  1. re: Frobisher

                    There was also a really tiny liquor store around the corner (on a st. perpendicular to the restaurant). OTher than that, I just have to get back to Newport already! :) Queen Anne Sq. must not be what I'm thinking of. It wasn't over in the Black Pearl area at all (which is where Thames is America's Cup Ave, I think). Ah well. Next time, I'll learn the streets a bit better. As always, molto grazie. While I have locals talking, are there any restaurants we should definitely go to next time? Scales and Shells was our favorite, but whatever night we don't go there...

                    1. re: hchudgin

                      ok, are you purposely just adding these details a bit at a time? :-)
                      You were on Thames Street - here's a list of all the places on that side of the square - starting from furthest - Brick Alley Pub, Buskers, The Gas Lamp, Starbucks (!) (There is also an Italian, upstairs, Japanese, upstairs and a few sandwich places, downstairs)

                      1. re: hchudgin

                        I would put my money on the RI Quahog Co. here is a link which includes pics of the interior.