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Jan 21, 2009 12:41 PM

How's the food at The Field in Cambridge?

I am planning on visiting this Irish bar and I was wondering, is it worth ordering any food?

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  1. They have food? I've been in there for pints many times, but never noticed anyone eating. I guess looking at their website they have a pretty standard-looking pub menu. How about that!

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      They do, but at least when I used to frequent it regularly and not just for a late night pint, it was so irregular that I never bothered - I knew that they had food but the kitchen was never open when I was there. OTOH, the last time I was in there (for a pub crawl, about 9pm on a Friday), the kitchen staff were definitely at work. I assumed it was standard Sysco based pub grub but can't speak to that being fact or fiction.

    2. I've never ventured beyond the curry fries; please post your opinion if you end up eating there.

      1. I've only had the burger and fries. Pretty good and very reasonably priced.

        1. I always loved their Irish breakfast but then they stopped offering it. The hours for serving food were always different. So, if the kitchen is open when you're there, I would give it a try.

          1. ugh, greasy ... bleh

            but great, warm, cozy atmosphere for drinks