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How's the food at The Field in Cambridge?

I am planning on visiting this Irish bar and I was wondering, is it worth ordering any food?

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  1. They have food? I've been in there for pints many times, but never noticed anyone eating. I guess looking at their website they have a pretty standard-looking pub menu. How about that!

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      They do, but at least when I used to frequent it regularly and not just for a late night pint, it was so irregular that I never bothered - I knew that they had food but the kitchen was never open when I was there. OTOH, the last time I was in there (for a pub crawl, about 9pm on a Friday), the kitchen staff were definitely at work. I assumed it was standard Sysco based pub grub but can't speak to that being fact or fiction.

    2. I've never ventured beyond the curry fries; please post your opinion if you end up eating there.

      1. I've only had the burger and fries. Pretty good and very reasonably priced.

        1. I always loved their Irish breakfast but then they stopped offering it. The hours for serving food were always different. So, if the kitchen is open when you're there, I would give it a try.

          1. ugh, greasy ... bleh

            but great, warm, cozy atmosphere for drinks

            1. Food? Gosh, I have no idea. I've been there many times and never thought to order any food. To me, it's really more of a Guinness-and-a-shot type of place (which is why I like it so much).

              1. Standard after thought pub food.
                I've only ever had the turkey club, which was ok for a turkey club.

                I'd be interested to try the fish and chips to see if it's something they make any attempt at as part of their irish bar theme.

                1. A friend and I had a burger there during the world cup once. I was quite pleased with the burger, but by then I'd had three pints and my team was winning. So really, I have no idea.

                  Please report back if you do try the food.

                  1. I've only had burgers and they were perfectly fine.

                    1. I am reporting back. I went there for drinks and a bite to eat. My friends got the Caesar salad with grilled chicken and I got the potato skins. Very friendly service, decent food. I wonder how their fish and chips is....

                      1. Food is ok- nothing too special. If you are looking for bars in Cambridge with good food, i would recommend the Plough and Stars (i have actually never eaten here but it looks and smells very good) which is up Mass Ave a bit, or River Gods, which is also close to Central Square. In Harvard Square, Shays (which actually seems more like an English pub than an Irish pub) has pretty good food for a bar- their soups and sandwiches are always really tasty (and very affordable). And their hot apple cider with port that they are serving right now is TO DIE FOR. I'd like some of that right about now!

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                          The food at the Plough is pretty good, they revamped things a couple of years ago and really enhanced the food options.