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Jan 21, 2009 12:36 PM

Cherries Jubilee in Toronto?

I checked the online menus for a few steakhouses- Barberian's, Harbour 60, Bardi's and Tom Jones, but none of them have Cherries Jubilee listed on their online menus.

There's an old post indicating Tom Jones was serving it- does anyone know if it's still on their dessert menu? Only the mains are listed on their website.

Has anyone tried the Cherries Jubilee at Casa Barcelona?

I understand David Duncan House in Scarborough serves it, but I'm hoping to find something downtown.

Have you seen Cherries Jubilee on any other menus lately?

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  1. Barberian's will do it on request.

    It was once on our menu, we removed it a few years ago. Due to "regulars" desires, we will still do it on request.


    Arron Barberian

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    1. re: A.Barberian

      Thank you for responding, Mr. Barberian! I'll keep your restaurant in mind for an upcoming dinner.

      1. re: phoenikia

        The cjerries are so good at the duncan house it is worth the drive, (not in Scar though, on don mills south of the 401). My wife wont eat them so I take the whole order for myself. also, I have never had a bad steak there, and the misses swears by the salmon.

        good luck

      2. re: A.Barberian

        another reason to visit my fave steakhouse in toronto

        1. re: ingloriouseater

          Although it isn't in Toronto, Peter's in Markham makes a pretty good cherries jubilee.