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Jan 21, 2009 12:20 PM

Angkor (Cambodian) in Providence

I'm going to be visiting Providence this weekend and have heard great things about Angkor (I think that is the spelling!) on Wickenden street. Any reviews/recommendations? What should we order? thanks

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  1. Oh! Yum.... Yum.... Yummy! We have been there twice in the past two weeks and the food is so fresh and tasty. My kids love the Pork with crispy rice cakes as a starter. They were even nice enough to bring us extra rice cakes which my kids gobbled up. We also had the street noodles, a Be Bong, a chicken matathatpeap ( spelling is so off) and chicken wings. Everything was tasty, and we all joined the clean plate club.
    I'll be there again, it's my new place to take the kids in Providence.

    1. One of my favorite asian restaurants in Providence... the chicken mitapheap is very good!

      1. as we say here in provi, wicked good! everything i've had there has been sooo tasty, and affordable..the most expensive thing was the fish with tamarind sauce, worth every cent of 25$..a whole bass deep fried and smothered in delicious tangy sauce garnished with carrot & lots of fresh cilantro..plenty for two. all the curries i've tried have been fresh and delicious, beautifully balanced compared to some of the thai/chinese/cambodian places. and an unexpected winner for me..the chicken wings! plump and juicy w/ 3 varieties to choose from (my favorite is the green curry one, but the name escapes me). also it's BYOB. please enjoy, tell us what you think!