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Jan 21, 2009 11:51 AM

LAKE PLACID N.Y. Any good restaurants????

We are in Lake Placid for a week-end near the end of January. Any good noteworthy chowhownd restaurants? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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  1. I have been wanting to try the Brown Dog Cafe & Wine Bar for the longest time but I just haven't made it back to Lake Placid in years. We were planning on going a couple of years ago and I did research on restaurants at that time. This was the place that I was really looking forward to trying. Our trip ended up getting cancelled so I can't personally recommend them but if you search around here and elsewhere you should find some reviews from people who have.

    1. Definitely, the Brown Dog Cafe and Wine Bar is hands down our favorite for dinner. Haven't tried the lunches there. Be sure to reserve ahead of time. Our second favorite for dinner would have to be Carribbean Cowboy, but having eaten almost everywhere worth while up there (the pickings are slim and there's a LOT of bad food to be found), I'd be just as happy to eat at the Brown Dog every night, never disappoints. We had a very nice meal at Interlaken, which is more formal/fussier than Brown Dog, but cozy, too.

      For a really expensive splurge, the Whiteface Lodge dining room is gorgeous, very indulgent and with very good food, at least it was two years ago.

      We had a great breakfast at a new, local diner in town whose name escapes me, but it was a bargain.

      1. Absolutely the Brown Dog; great lunch, great location, great wine by the glass, great ambience, great dinner, great dog chachkas. Also had unimaginative but tasty food served competently at Jack's Steakhouse and Dancing Bear (how can you go wrong with restaurant named after an animal). We always stop for homemade diner food and baked goods at the Noon Mark Diner in Keene Valley on the way home.

        1. Cafe Rustica in the Price Chopper Plaza. It is a little off the beaten path, but worth the trip.

          1. I like Jimmy's on Main St. Not much for atmosphere but I had some amazing shrimp there a couple of years ago. And the Brewery is good for beer and wings..

            And does anyone know if the Tail O' The Pup stays open in the winter?