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Jan 21, 2009 11:15 AM

Where to take non adventurous new BF in Baltimore?

I am in a new relationship and have discovered that the guy is not a fellow chow hound. We've only been to 2 places together and he's ordered burgers at both venues (one with bleu cheese though). We've also ordered pizza (pepperoni on his half, lots of stuff on mine) and I cooked him a pot roast which he seemed to enjoy. Thankfully he does not like chain restaurants and prefers neighborhood/local places. He would probably like Heningers and Peter's Inn, places like that. He mentioned that he does like Rocket to Venus, even though he gets the burger... Are there places in Baltimore that you can recommend where I can satisfy my inner hound and he can stick with a "safe" dish?

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  1. You might try Clementine's. Kind of high end (not pricey) somewhat sophisticated comfort food. Excelent pork chops and mac and cheese, yet they make their own sausage and pate's and cured meats.

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      Jacks has great burgers and it has a good vibe

    2. Hamilton Tavern, for sure! Hands down the best burger that I've had in a long time. The menu is simple, but good and they always have a special.


      1. One Eyed Mike's has good standard pub fare and awesome specials. You can get a grilled cheese and escargot if you wish. And they do both very well. Abbey Burger Bistro sounds right up his alley, with some fancier fixins (foie gras) that might appeal to your inner hound. My boyfriend likes it there as well as Corks...I think that would appeal to you both as well.

        1. Brewers is good, they have huge delicious burgers (tend to cook a little under done which I like, but you can ask how you want). There is also much more fun and adventurous food there for you. Go early if you dont have a reservation. The same food they serve at the table you can order at the bar.
          Iggies Pizza is good, fancy pizza toppings for you, simple ones for him. He might like Zella's more though, their crust and toppings are more traditional, but they offer fun and funky stuff.