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Jan 21, 2009 11:13 AM

Shallots Bistro--wine and dinner pairing

I understand that Shallots Bistro in Skokie is having a special 6 course wine and dinner pairing on February 4, 2009 for only $65.00. I have been there for dinner in the past and loved the food, so this not only sounds like fun, but the price is a bargain.

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  1. Sounds great and indeed a good price.

    1. Great! We have a birthday to celebrate so I'm going to sign up. BTW the web site says 5 courses, and it features Binyamina winery wine.

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        Here is the inside story, they always post 5 courses. Depending on the winery & sommeliers final decision it can end up being 6 or even 7 courses. 5 is the minimum. The price is a bargain to draw a crowd & don't forget the wines are sponsored by Royal Wine Corp & our local Hungarian grocery shop.

        1. re: matzahballs

          I know I'm going with friends! Shallots always has great food, so getting multiple courses of food and wine for that price seems like a win-win!

          1. re: MDhaliwal

            Any other Chowhound'ers make it out last night? I had a great time at the dinner! I'm not a huge wine fan, but I did enjoy the selections included and really enjoyed the medjool date wrapped in beef fry. It was unexpected and kind of a fun way to start off the evening!