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Jan 21, 2009 11:01 AM

Valentine's Day

Hey guys I was interested in getting some feedback on a restaurant for Valentine's Day.
So far, I've been interested by Tappo, Mildred's Temple Kitchen, La Vecchia, and Spice Route.
I know its all over the map but I'm interested in anywhere that there's good pasta and a great atmosphere.
Any suggestions on making a choice? Or anywhere else I haven't come across? Atmosphere is the most important for Valentine's Day I'd say.


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  1. Haven't been to Tappo or Spice Route, so can't comment. Also haven't been to MTK, but loved its former incarnation (Mildred Pierce) and am dying to try it. That being said, it doesn't look especially romantic in the photos I've seen, and it's not a pasta place.

    La Vecchia is okay but by no means great. In the same general neighbourhood, if you're looking for good pasta IMHO, you'd be a lot better off at Zucca (or, for a less expensive meal, perhaps Grano). Mistura (at Ave and Dav) also has great pasta, but is even pricier than Zucca.

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      I've had repeated, dreadful experiences at La Vecchia to the point where I refuse to go there anymore. Romance and bad service don't mix.

      I guess if I were looking for pasta and love, I'd go with L'Unita or Zucca, but ONLY if either of them could guarantee seating in the back south sections of either.

      2150 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4S 2A8, CA

      134 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5R2H6, CA

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        I second Mistura. Great ambience, quiet and most importantly incredible food! I recommend their beet risotto (served as an app or main) it is definitely my favourite dish in the city.

      2. I have to say that my hubby and I really enjoyed ourselves at Tappo. Great romantic atmosphere, huge portion sizes and tasty! We went on a Saturday night, and there were a bunch of Leafs and their dates out for a late bite post-game too. And Jeanne Beker was there too - cool! Go and have a good time!

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          Thats a good point, they weren't the most romantic. Thanks a lot for the feedback!
          What do people think of Auberge du Pommier and Scaramouche?

          1. re: nibs13

            Auberge is part of Winterlicious and likely booked solid. Scaramouche isn't but is probably booked, too. Hey, reserve for next year!

            1. re: emptee

              I ended up getting a reservation at the pasta bar and grill at Scaramouche
              Thanks for the advice

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Avoid Spice Route for food, especially for a romantic dinner. It's a great place to have drinks and hang out, but not sterling quality service or food.

            Valentine's Day, especially in Toronto with 'licious, shouldn't be spent at a restaurant. You'll get bad service and the kitchen will be too busy to excel. For a truly romantic night, cook ambitiously at home, or do a prepared tapas plate. If you need to leave the house due to kids/need for change of scenery, do the tapas or room service in a hotel. You'll have a much better time, can control the environment, and won't get hit with atrocious pricing that so many restaurants provide for "amateur nights" like Valentine's and New Year's.

            For a truly romantic and special dining experience, go out a week after 'licious ends. In this economy they will be astonishingly grateful for the business and should be more than happy to accommodate any special requests that couldn't be handled during an insanely packed night.

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              The Winterlicious website says it only runs 'til Feb. 12th, so it shouldn't interfere with Valentine's Day.

              1. re: preppycuisine

                Absolutely agree with preppy on this one. Stay away from the set menus. As for Spice Route, unless your 23 and want bottle service (and to show off your new cool cell phone) avoid at all costs. The food would have to get significantly better just to be average, and the service is beyond poor. You know its a problem when the best part of the resto is the washroom.

                Good Luck